Lamborghini’s 100th Birthday Celebration to be held at Tustin’s Marconi Auto Museum August 28 as a Fundraiser for “Motel Kids

The world tour celebrating the 100th birthday of the late founder of Lamborghini sports cars will make its first pit stop in the U.S. at the Marconi Automotive Museum (1302 Industrial Drive, Tustin) in the form of a fundraiser to help feed and house Southern California’s “motel kids.” Tickets for the birthday gala, which will be held on Sunday, August 28, are $275 each and there are a number of sponsorship opportunities that can be purchased by visiting Funds will benefit Caterina’s Club, a nonprofit that helps children whose families are forced to live in cramped, crime-ridden motels.
The evening will start at 5 p.m. with a cocktail reception during which guests will view Lamborghinis specially selected for the event along with the rest of owner Dick Marconi’s multi-million dollar car collection. They also will have an opportunity to meet scion Fabio Lamborghini, nephew of the founder and executive

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What Kind Of Car Should The New KITT Be?

Illustration: Fiat Chrysler/Jason Torchinsky

I’m not sure if your valet already gave you the news that there’s a new Knight Rider movie in production, but if he hasn’t, then I suggest you take this moment to both deliver to your valet a much-deserved face-slapping and to take a moment to yourself to let the news sink in. A new Knight Rider! Of course, a knight has to ride, so that means there needs to be a new KITT as well. And that brings us to the real question: with no more Trans Ams around, what kind of car should a 2020-era KITT be?

Because this question is so important, we’ll get input from multiple people on staff who all have fiercely-held opinions on this. Letting everyone have a say is the only reasonable way we can continue with work today, as things were erupting into chaos and screaming,

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Gregory Wallace: Motorists like me see bicycle lanes taking too much of the roadway | Letters

Bicycle legislation is coming to save your life.

The new legislation will require all bicyclists to have two, large four-inch mirrors on each handle bar and a tall whip like flag on the back of every bicycle. Kind of like Pee Wee Herman. Like that? No? Maybe a registration fees for each bicycle and a “road use fee” like trucks pay. This will fund your bicycle lanes that have caused congestion in our cities and towns making roads less passable and much narrower.

My drives into Longwood medical area where I work via Beacon St. in Boston is a good example but it happens here in my home in New Hampshire, too.

Am I serious about the Pee Wee thing? No, but maybe I am serious about the rest and definitely legislation for riding on the left. I am not alone on that. There are a lot of us here

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ChewBox is reimagining food delivery as a “vehicle of social justice”

Food delivery startup ChewBox is fusing technology with the spirit of generosity to help restore economic opportunities in Los Angeles’ marginalized communities. 

a bunch of different types of food: chewbox.jpg

© Credit: CBSNews

“This is the reimagination of food services as a perpetual, sustainable vehicle of social justice,” ChewBox co-founder and CEO Kim Gaston told CBSN.

“It’s an empathetic economy, you know — something we need right now,” co-founder and celebrity chef Roy Choi added. 

Choi and Gaston, along with chairman and investor Stephen DeBerry, are on a mission to empower people by delivering chef-made meals under $10 — all of which can be traced back to a “ghost” kitchen in the Watts neighborhood of South LA. 

“We operate in a low dollar-per-square-foot area. And we hire locally, people who would otherwise be on public assistance,” said Gaston, a native of Watts. “We’re able to employ and inspire and support people who society have either forgotten or

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Bloomfield Car Shows Raise $1,000 For Belleville Hospital

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Bloomfield Cruisers Car Club recently presented a donation of $1,000 to Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville to support the hospital’s Emergency Response Fund.

The donation was raised as part of the Bloomfield Center Alliance’s (BCA) Cruise Night Car Show series, which took place in the downtown district over several Wednesday evenings in June and July. The funds were collected from participating car owners, with additional funds received through individual donations and a contribution from the Bloomfield Cruisers.

BCA Executive Director Ollyn Lettman joined members of the car club to present a check for $1,000 to Clara Maass officials last month at Universal Technical Institute’s Bloomfield campus.

“In light of the challenge facing this community and the incredible work of the doctors, nurses, and other frontline staff at Clara Maass Medical Center, the Bloomfield Center Alliance want to thank those classic car owners who came out

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