Cruise In Grandeur With This Restored 1931 Auburn 8-98 Phaeton

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This timeless classic is the final product of a lengthy frame-off restoration.

A fine automobile manufactured by the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company, the 1931 Auburn 8-98 Phaeton embodied American 1930s deco styling. This fine example of an 8-98 (Lot #650) is the finished product of a full frame-off restoration, and will be crossing the auction block through Lucky Car Collector Auctions. Purchased in the mid-70s, this beautiful classic started the restoration process 15 years ago and was finished by the current owner just 3 years back.

Gleaming in a deep Ebony Black complete with a Chambertin Burgundy beltline and crimson red pin stripe, this elegant automobile features a black top over a beautiful burgundy leather interior. This iconic Auburn features an all-new correct oak wood finish that took a total of five years to restore alone. This car features hood louvers, a raked windshield, dual side-mounted

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Home with classic cars, antique collections Burned to ground

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    Vacaville, CA (KOVR) — A Vacaville home known for its incredible antique collections is nothing but ashes after flames took down an entire neighborhood.

More than a dozen classic cars, dolls and furniture from the early 1900s are all gone. All that’s left standing of Ken and Marci Albers’ home on Estate Drive is the chimney.

“Ken’s the one who woke up and looked out the window and saw the flames,” Marci said.

The flames didn’t even spare the garages – yes, they had more than one to store those classic cars.

“1956 Chevy Nomad – it was a project I was working on, 1957 Chevy Coop that I drove quite often,” Ken said.

Ken can list every detail – big or small – of each one. He and his wife were collectors, cherishing every prized possession.

“I had probably 500 dolls that

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Evanston Drive-In Movie Screening Set For Car Dealership Lot

EVANSTON, IL — An drive-in screening of the 1985 film “The Goonies” is scheduled for Thursday on a new screen in the parking lot of an Evanston car dealership. Proceeds from tickets to the event will benefit local nonprofits who have missed out on fundraising opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic, according to organizers.

Autobarn Evanston and The Davis Theater are hosting the event at the car dealership’s lot on the north side of the Evanston Center in the 3100 block of Howard Street. Attendees can purchase prepackaged dinner boxes from four local restaurants along with their tickets to the outdoor screening.

Tickets are $28.16 per vehicle of up to six people and non-refundable. Up to 60 cars will be allowed in the lot, and attendees must remain inside their allocated spaces but may sit in chairs in front of their vehicles.

The first drive-in movie screening at the Evanston Autobarn
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Animorphs Graphic Novel Artist Reveals Approach To Adapting Classic Book Series

Animorphs is getting turned into a graphic novel and artist Chris Grine revealed his approach to adapting the hit book series into a comic with The Hollywood Reporter. Anytime you approach a beloved property for so many, there’s some pressure to deliver something people are really going to love. In the case of Animorphs, the original illustrations and character designs are so central for early readers’ understandings of the world that Jake, Cassie, Marco, Tobias, Rachel, and Ax inhabit. By the end of Animorphs’ run, things had progressed far beyond the original scope of the story. K.A. Applegate’s success absolutely gets tied to those iconic covers and the wild early computer-generated graphics that made it all possible. But, Grine saw the opportunity to add to that legacy.

“… I suspect that had I tried to drive the car over the cliff, someone would have stepped in. Fortunately, they liked

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After a century, Pacific Dining Car closing, will sell food online

Here’s your chance to own a piece of Los Angeles history: the famous Pacific Dining Car is closing its doors and selling some of its classic memorabilia.

Iconic ‘Pacific Dining Car’ steakhouse to close, liquidate



The steakhouse had been in business for nearly a century.

Wes Idol is a grandson of the founders.

‘We always wanted something pristine without pretense,” said Idol. “You could go into the diner, coming from black tie affair or coming from the beach. For some odd reason it was okay.”

But the restaurant-like so many others-has become a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its Santa Monica location closed earlier this year. Now the original location in L.A. is auctioning off its memorabilia, furniture and equipment. Among the items up for sale: the big cow sign out front. The current bid is $2,025.

“Instead of thinking this is the end of

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Seven facts about ‘Seven’: David Fincher’s crime masterpiece

No one who has ever seen David Fincher’s 1995 thriller Seven — or Se7en, for those who are pernickety when it comes to movie title style — will have been able to forget it. The bleak, miserable tale of two detectives tracking a killer who is inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s an opus of sadness against a backdrop of permanent drizzle.

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Morgan Freeman portrays seasoned cop Detective Lieutenant William Somerset, who is on the brink of retirement, while Brad Pitt is the rather unpredictable young detective David Mills. Every horrific murder frustrates them further, right up until the point that the killer is revealed and cinema’s most famous cardboard box makes its fateful appearance.

It has now been a quarter of a century since Pitt got the answer to his meme-worthy question, so it seems like a good time

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The Best Car Games for Kids (No Planning or Devices Required)

Is there anything worse than a bored kid in the car? Not only will they tend to whine more and require more attention, but you usually just end up feeling lousy for giving them so little stimulation as you trek cross-country. And since you don’t think they’re quite ready for an iPhone (what do babies have to ‘gram anyway?) or a Nintendo Switch, you do the next best thing you can think of: a car game.

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The thing is, car games don’t have to be a last resort for a bored kid. They can help bond the two of you (or the whole family) and keep you both sane on a long car trip. After all, that’s how they did it in the old days. Here are the absolute best car games to play with kids—no screens required.

I Spy

Now, you knew this was

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The ‘No Time to Die’ Trailer is Full of Aston-Martin Madness

The James Bond franchise has undoubtedly shaped generations of would-be spies and made countless children drool at legendary sports cars like the Aston Martin DB5 and Lotus Esprit. Well, with Daniel Craig continuing his tenure as the special agent, so is the Aston Martin.

Unsurprisingly, the Aston Martin DB5 isn’t the only interesting car to make its way to the upcoming Bond installment. The trailer also shows Bond falling onto the hood of a 1957 Chevrolet, in what can only be a gentle nod at the 1962 thriller Dr. No. There is also a myriad of other cars to keep your eyes searching, like the Maserati Quattroporte we see at the start of the trailer or the Land Rover Defender’s we see getting some air time.

In this trailer, we see that Bond’s team has adapted the vintage Aston Martin for modern, world-saving spy work. The headlights have been replaced

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You Can Own An Ex-Takuma Sato Jordan F1 Car

a close up of a toy car: You can own an ex-Takuma Sato Jordan F1 car

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You can own an ex-Takuma Sato Jordan F1 car

What’s more, you can even drive it!

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the yellow Jordan cars were fan favorites in Formula 1. Now, a fan with deep pockets will have the chance to own one of those very cars.

Leading classic car auction house The Market is offering a 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12, one of just two examples that are thought to survive, and it is expected to fetch £150,000 – £250,000 (about $194,000 – $323,000 at current exchange rates).

Driven in period by Takuma Sato, who since leaving F1 has gone on to win the Indianapolis 500 twice, the car

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Classic cars in Dubai to get retro-look licence plates

Classic cars in Dubai will soon get new licence plates inspired by the ones common in the emirate in the 1980s.

The new plates will be issued from November, said the emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Requests for the plates can be made through RTA’s website and Customer Happiness Centre in Deira.

In a marked change from the current brown plates, the new ones will be yellow and white, and have been designed to align with Dubai’s standard vehicle plates.

“With the new design, the plates can be clearly and easily read from a distance,” said Mattar Al Tayer, director general of RTA.

“The design has two distinct elements — the words Dubai and Classic are written in both Arabic and English on a yellow background while the number is written on a white background.

“The new design meets all the required technical standards. The plates have a touch

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