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Automotive Air Conditioning

We’re Doing a Little Work Under the Hood.

As of May 21, 2019, this site was 8,539 days old. That’s a bit over 23 Years.  So, it’s probably time we change out this old compressor, flush the system, replace that orifice tube and accumulator along with those leaky o-rings. Maybe with a little maintenance and a good evacuate and re-charge we can get a few more years of service out of this. 


In the meantime, If you happen to have an automotive Air Conditioning question, we encourage you to visit our Forums, which will remain open at:




Refrigerant Leak in Ford Explorer? Check the Accumulator

Are customers complaining of gradual decreased cooling on late model Explorers? Are you suffering occurrences in Explorers of continuing refrigerant loss? Here’s a tip… by Ignacio “Nacho” Corella


Air Conditioning Sealants – Part 1

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