Automotive Preferred Converter, Fabricator, Distributor with ISO

Can-Do National tape has earned worldwide recognition as a leading fabricator and converter for the automotive industry. From concept design to finished product, Can-Do has worked aggressively to answer the challenges companies encounter from initial design to final production requirements.

Our vast capabilities, which include the ability to convert adhesive tapes and related materials, rotary and flat bed die cutting, laminating and heat sealing of various substrates, allows our customer a diverse selection of equipment and processes to give the best, most cost effective results for the application requirements.

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Acoustic & Thermal Management

Isolate temperature sensitive areas such as starters, floor boards, firewalls and fuel lines utilizing fabricated and die-cut heat shields designed with:

  • Foil / Glass Cloth
  • Non-Woven Polyesters
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Aluminum Laminates

Materials can be designed to be attached as

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