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Total Number of Bike Corrals in Portland? 158! (last updated April 2019)


Providing ample, convenient, comfortable and secure bicycle parking is an important part of serving those who currently use bicycles for transportation and encouraging future cyclists.  Bicycle parking is an inexpensive and efficient means of increasing both public and private parking capacity for the city as a whole.

City of Portland’s Existing On-Street Bicycle Corral Locations

On-Street Bicycle Parking Corrals FAQs

Are you are a business or property owner with enough bike parking demand to warrant an on-street bicycle corral? Bike corrals provide bike parking for 12 to 24 bicycles.

– Do you regularly see more than 10 customer bicycles locked outside?  
If yes, then fill out a Bike Corral Application Form
If no, perhaps installing additional bicycle racks on the sidewalk is a better solution.  Fill out a Bike

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