Bicycle Playing Cards – Vintage Back Designs

Vintage Back Designs of
Playing Cards

playing cards are probably the most recognizable brand of
playing cards in the world.  Although the average person probably
associates Bicycle brand playing cards with the famous “Rider Back” design, the United States
Playing Card
, or “USPCC” (which produces the Bicycle brand)
produced over 80 different back designs with the “Bicycle” name over
the first few decades of the brand’s existence.  The Rider Back
design is
obviously  the most familiar, having been in constant production
1887.  But this was actually the second design to carry the
“Bicycle” name; the first was the Old Fan
back design, which was first produced in 1885 (and recently revived to commemorate the 125th
anniversary of
the Bicycle brand).

playing cards were originally produced in red, blue, green, and
brown, but the green and brown decks were discontinued in 1927.


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