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High-quality, award-winning auto manufacturing

Why do corporations with operations around the world continue to manufacture in Ontario when some jurisdictions offer a slew of seductive incentives?

They’ll tell you the same thing, time after time: It’s the workforce.

Regardless of where companies locate, their sites and manufacturing equipment might be nearly identical. But the workforce makes all the difference.

For parts manufacturers, especially, a quality workforce is critical. Businesses lose clients, opportunities and profits when shipped parts don’t meet customer specifications. A high-quality workforce spots problems and corrects them. Members of a high-quality workforce understand that quality is a process that runs from the start of a job all the way through delivery.

Assemblers who win J.D. Power and Associates awards rely on extensive supplier networks. In the end it’s the plant or the model that wins the award. But all parts manufacturers know that they’re a critical part of

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