CANbus Displays, Joysticks, and Keypads



Grayhill’s Generation 2 MMI Controllers and CANbus keypads inherited highlights of the legacy products while featuring new benefits in meeting ever-changing market demands. These devices are well suited for ISO 13849 Safety Rated Vehicles. Both the new 3J and 3K can perform self-diagnostics include supply voltage monitoring, indicator “LED On” verification, and button malfunction detection. In our design, we have lowered the above-panel thickness to about half of the original, while changing the installation requirement to a simple snap-in from the front. This is particularly advantageous as it no longer calls out for hand tools and the need to get behind the panel for installation and troubleshooting. When the system is inactive, the device would go into a low power mode that draws less than 1mA of current; it can be reactivated via any key press or CAN message.

Similar to the first generation, the new 3J and 3K are

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