Cars in India, New Cars in 2020, New Model Prices, Offers, Image @ ZigWheels

Cars in India, New Cars in 2020, New Model Prices, Offers, Image @ ZigWheels


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Bicycle Model

Bicycle Model

The non-linear bicycle model considers longitudinal (x), lateral
(y), and yaw tex2html_wrap_inline432 motion under the assumption of negligible
lateral weight shift, roll and compliance steer while traveling on
a smooth road. Our design of control strategy is to control both
longitudinal and lateral motions during hard braking and steering
maneuvers. Angular velocities of front and rear tires are added to
the states in order to investigate directional interactions
between longitudinal and lateral tire forces. In addition to these
five states, longitudinal and lateral positions and yaw angle with
respect to the fixed inertial coordinates are added to the dynamic
equation in order to refresh the vehicle position and orientation
in the simulation scene. Thus, the bicycle model used in our
simulator has 5 Degrees Of Freedom with 8 state equations.
The bicycle model developement presented here is based on
reference [1]. Figure 1 shows side

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