Cyclist with 80cc engine on their mountain bike failed to stop for police then fell into a bush

A cyclist who installed an 80cc engine onto their mountain bike failed to stop for police then fell into a bush.

Traffic officers pursued the rider in Leigh on Tuesday evening (September 8).

They had fitted their standard mountain bike with an 80cc engine – which can power vehicles to reach speeds of up to around 40 miles per hour.

Officers said the rider had ‘changed the use of the bike to become a motor vehicle’ and should therefore have been insured.

a flat screen tv: A police officer said it was the 'strangest pursuit' they had ever had

© GMP Traffic
A police officer said it was the ‘strangest pursuit’ they had ever had

The cyclist led police on 40mph chase before hitting a pothole on Orchard Lane and falling into a bramble bush, police said.

They were then summoned under the Road Traffic Act.

Alongside a picture of the mountain bike, GMP Traffic tweeted: “When you stick an 80cc engine onto a mountain bike you

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Merritt man building mental health awareness with 120-km mountain bike race

Robin Humphrey, standing in front of the Lower Nicola Indian Band community, is competing in the 120-km Merritt Crown to prove that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Image Credit: SUBMITTED/Robin Humphrey

September 19, 2020 – 11:47 AM

A Lower Nicola Indian Band councillor is competing in a 120-kilometre mountain bike race to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to, even if you face mental health and addiction challenges.

Robin Humphrey, 31, from Merritt has a history of mental illness and addiction. At one point when he was about 19, he lived on and off the streets for about a year, he said.

Now five years sober and getting mental health support, he wants to complete the Merritt Crown to show others that they can overcome their own mental health challenges, disbelief

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Jail for pair who sped off on expensive electric mountain bikes

Two men who sped off on expensive electric mountain bikes minutes after they were left in a garage have each been jailed for six months.

The cycles, together worth more than £5,000, were never recovered, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Steven Doherty, 40, of Sycamore Avenue, Whinmoor, Leeds, and Liam Moore, 32, of Longfield Drive, East Bowling, Bradford, pleaded guilty to burgling the garage on South Side Ridge, Pudsey, on the afternoon of July 8.

Prosecutor Alisha Kaye said the owner of the bikes had travelled to the area to visit his son who lived in a house with a garage beneath it.

The victim unloaded the cycles and put them into the garage, leaving the door open.

Within minutes, he looked out of the house window to see the bikes being ridden off down the road. He gave chase but the burglars disappeared and the cycles, worth more than

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Salsa Launches 2 Mountain Bikes in 1: Meet the Blackthorn & Cassidy

Salsa Cassidy mountain bike
Photo credit: Salsa Cycles

Salsa’s latest mountain bike mastery makes two bikes out of a single frame. The Blackthorn and Cassidy offer impressive versatility with their modular design — but is it worth it?

Today, Salsa announced two new mountain bikes, the Blackthorn and Cassidy, that use the same frame. The Blackthorn is a 140mm rear travel all-mountain 29er that — by the look of it — should ride any trail, anywhere, all day.

Meanwhile, the Cassidy stands as an enduro-focused 165mm rear travel bike. Salsa claims it’s a well-rounded shredder, built for steep and technical terrain, that hammers through as fast as possible.

The Buckthorn and Cassidy use a frame design similar to Guerilla Gravity’s modular frame platform. Both bikes share a single adaptable frame. This can be set up with various amounts of suspension travel and associated geometries by changing the

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AMD is selling mountain bikes now

With such fierce competition on the GPU horizon thanks to Nvidia’s RTX 30 series, AMD is preparing to traverse the rocky roads ahead, cutting into its usual cycle of hardware releases to enter the bicycle market. You read that correctly. Not only can you brand yourself from head to toe in AMD gear, you can let everyone know you’re a part of the red team (or is it orange team, now?) with a new set of wheels.

Available in the AMD fan shop to those in the US willing to pay a $50 shipping fee, there are two models to choose from: the AMD Custom Cruiser and the AMD Custom Mountain Bike.

Both vehicles sport an 18.5” frame and 26” aluminium wheels, but there are noticeable differences between them. Designed for the casual cyclist, AMD’s Cruiser is much simpler, forgoing gears and adding fenders to prevent dirt and muck from

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A paralyzed adventurer designed a mountain bike for people with disabilities to explore the outdoors

“I knew right when I hit the ground that that was it,” Bagg, 45, told CNN. “I don’t ever remembering having any moment where I thought I would walk again. Something in me just knew it was over.”

But nothing could stop the avid outdoorsman from finding his way back up a mountain.

Decades after his accident, Bagg founded Bowhead Corp, a company that designs bikes for people with physical disabilities. These specialized bikes allow them to ride up and down rough terrains, climb mountains and even make impressive jumps.

The idea was born in 2008 in his basement, where Bagg, a machinist, worked alone to create a bike that would give him the ability to find adventures wherever he pleased without needing help or holding his friends back.

The idea was initially a personal goal that he never intended to turn into a business, but that changed when he

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Why Do Luxury Brands Keep Producing Crappy Mountain Bikes?

With Across the Pond Beaver in full swing, we’ve been covering all manner of new mountain bikes that have been released in a frenzy of activity this past week. There’s one bike we resisted covering though, until now. That is the AMD Custom mountain bike pictured above. AMD is best known for producing computer processors, but this week decided to step into the world of bikes with a mountain bike and a cruiser.

A cursory glance will tell you that this bike will serve you about as well as one of their microchips out in the mountains, but its press release merrily boasts of the bike’s “twist grip Shimano index shifting, linear pull MTB brakes, dual suspension frame, and a comfortable Mountain bike saddle” regardless (no, we’re not sure why Mountain is capitalized either). The kicker is that this thing retails for $299, which isn’t that expensive as mountain bikes

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Saalfelden Leogang Gears Up for the 2020 Mountain Bike World Championships

PRESS RELEASE: Saalfelden Leogang

“We are convinced that we will receive all official approvals”, Marco Pointner, World Championships organizer and CEO of Saalfelden Leogang Touristik, is optimistic about the UCI 2020 Mountain Bike World Championships. The organizers from Saalfelden Leogang now share important information for riders and teams as well as for journalists and spectators a few weeks before the start of the World Cup.

Five weeks until the UCI 2020 Mountain Bike World Championship in Saalfelden Leogang kick off and preparations are in full swing. From October 7 to 11, the world’s best Cross-Country, Downhill, E-MTB and Cross-Country Relay riders will compete for World Championship medals in 13 competitions. The circumstances are a particular challenge, but World Championships organizer and CEO of Saalfelden Leogang Touristik, Marco Pointner, is looking forward to the World Champs: “We want to organize a great and successful event, and everyone has to make their

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Nvidia launches GPUs from Jen-Hsun’s kitchen and AMD now sells mountain bikes. What gives 2020?

Following Nvidia’s announcement of the RTX 30-Series GPU’s we’ve now discovered that AMD is switching things up a gear and is selling road and mountain bikes from its US fan store. That’s right, you can now whizz around on your snazzy two-wheeler, sporting the AMD logo as a form of free advertising for the brand.

The road bike, or cruiser (via Guru3D), isn’t the fanciest of its kind, but looks kinda swanky with its arched frame, and may have a place for those who don’t mind sitting a little low and far back from their handlebars. You do have to pedal backwards to break, though, which is not to everyone’s taste, and there’s only one gear. We just have to hope that’s not an allegory for the upcoming AMD RDNA 2 release.

The AMD mountain bike’s list of features is a lot more comprehensive, with a dual

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Best mountain bike sunglasses: A buyer’s guide and recommendations

A decent set of sunglasses is an essential part of any mountain biker’s wardrobe, for a number of reasons.  The most obvious is protection from bright sunlight to give you a clear view down the trail, with less glare, less squinting and less damage to your eyes from harmful UV rays.

They also provide physical protection from flying trail debris, whether that be roost from another rider’s back wheel, spray from puddles, bugs, or errant tree branches.

Obviously, the larger the lens, the more coverage it will offer against these dangers, but it’s also important that they wrap around to give some side protection, cut out light from entering and prevent wind from making your eyes tear up.

Of course, that coverage needs to be balanced with how they fit on your face – if the lens or frame contacts you, then it means they’ll fog up more easily and

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