Solvents for Automotive Use

Driving More Safely Because of Solvents

Dirt and insects on a windshield can really make driving tough. Thankfully, the solvents in windshield washer fluid help it dissolve these things and wipe them away, improving windshield visibility in all seasons. And in winter, added solvents help windshield wiper fluid from freezing by lowering the temperature at which the mixture will freeze.

What is the role of solvents?

Solvents help washer fluid to remove the dirt, grime and bug goo from your windshield. Have you ever tried to remove the tar or grease residue that seeps out of car doors? It seems nearly impossible. Special tar removers work to cut through those sticky messes in part because they contain solvents that dissolve.

Do you remember when your parents’ or grandparents’ cars wouldn’t start because of water in the gas line? Well, water can still get into

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