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Dodge Caliper Specifications posted.

Dodge Caliper car specsDodge car specs


The new Dodge Caliper was recently launched in South Africa.

Dodge is the latest addition to the Daimler Chrysler family.
Founded on Innovation and Leadership the Dodge continues to push the automotive world forward.

Here are direct links to the Dodge Caliber car spec sheets:

Nissan Tiida, Nevara and X-Trail Specifications posted.

Nissan Tiida car specsNissan Navara bakkie specs


The new Nissan Tiida was recently launched in South Africa, and is the replacement for the Nissan Almera.
I have posted two of the Tiida’s on car-specs for the moment.

I have also started to post some of the older Nissan car specifications.


Here are direct links to the Nissan car spec sheets:

Toyota Yaris Hatch and sedan specifications

toyota yaris t3 specs toyota yaris t3 car specifications


The Toyota Yaris T3 versions have been released on car specs sa.

This vehicle has been a hit since its release in November 2005, and has boosted toyota sales emensely.


Here are direct links to

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