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Today’s car continues to transform from a mechanical device to a data center on wheels, driven by rapid advances in electronics.

Autonomy, Electrification, Connectivity, Testing

In this article, Tektronix’ outlines the trends driving the automotive revolution and their testing implications.

Throughout its history, many innovations have changed the driving experience. However, very few have had the disruption level as the quest for the autonomous vehicle. Electrification, sensorization, automation, connectivity and mobility have automobile and sub-system manufacturers evaluating traditional practices and facing new challenges as they integrate and validate new technologies.

Working with multi-year development timeframes, automotive manufacturers and suppliers will need to test and validate across the full life cycle. Challenges facing the industry include increased complexity, long test cycles, traceability and liability. Below are the key trends Tektronix sees for automotive designers, integrators and suppliers and how these trends impact automotive system validation testing.


Autonomous Vehicles:
The race to

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