National Transportation Center at UMD

Center Theme

The theme of the Center is “Strategic Transportation Policies, Investments and Decisions for Economic Competitiveness”. The Center will conduct research and provide education and technology transfer related to this theme, and will directly support the US DOT’s strategic goal of economic competitiveness with consideration for other relevant strategic goals such as safety and environmental sustainability.

stock photo of trucksCenter Scope

The Center is concerned with the integrated operations and planning of all modes serving the nation’s passenger and freight transportation system, including the institutional issues associated with their management and investments. A balanced multi-modal approach will be used that considers freight and passenger travel mobility, reliability, and sustainability, as well as system operations during periods of both recurring and non-recurring incidents, including response to major emergencies. The modes in this theme include highway, transit, rail, and inter-modal interfaces including ports, terminals and airports. In particular, the Center will focus on research,

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