Amazon grows its e-bike delivery team in New York City

A view of Amazon Prime delivery vans in Amazon hub, Woodside, a day after protest in Staten Island Borough in New York City amid Coronavirus Pandemic on April 1, 2020.

John Nacion | NurPhoto | Getty Images

Amazon has made two key hires to its e-bike delivery team in New York City, including a former Uber manager, signaling it may be looking at the technology as another way to offer faster delivery times. 

Alex Vickers joined Amazon in June to serve as a senior program manager on the company’s electric bikes unit. He previously worked on the business development team at Jump, an e-bike rental company which was Uber acquired in 2018 and then sold to mobility start-up Lime in May. Vickers announced his move to Amazon in a LinkedIn post on Monday.

Amazon also hired Justin Ginsburgh in June to lead the e-bike team. Prior to Amazon, Ginsburgh co-founded

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Cheapest Car Insurance in New York

In New York state, the average cost of car insurance is $1,349.72, making it the fifth most expensive state for car insurance in the United States. But like most states, car insurance is legally required in New York, whether you live in the Big Apple or the Adirondacks. The good news is that you can find cheap car insurance in New York if you’re on a budget.

a car driving down a busy street: Congested traffic on the New York freeway.

© Alex Potemkin/Getty Images
Congested traffic on the New York freeway.

The cheapest car insurance companies in New York

As of 2015, there were nearly 11,670,000 licensed drivers in New York. To meet the demand, there are dozens of car insurance providers that operate in New York. However, some companies are more expensive than others. We did some research to find the cheapest car insurance companies in New York. We also included average rates for each provider based on data from U.S. News

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Weekend rides drive pandemic-era New York City bike boom

Bike riding is New York City’s new favorite weekend activity.

The number of people cycling on the weekend is up a whopping 57 percent in 2020 compared to last year, Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg told city council members on Wednesday.

“We’re seeing a cycling boom,” Trottenberg testified, noting that weekday bike counts are also up, but by a comparatively slim 26 percent.

The numbers come from automated bike counters along Brooklyn’s Prospect Park West and Kent Avenue protected bike lanes and five bridges: the Pulaski, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro.

Of those locations, the Pulaski Bridge between Greenpoint and Long Island City, Queens saw the largest spike in weekend bike rides — over 78 percent.

Prospect Park West and the Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro bridges all saw weekend cycling jumps over 50 percent. Kent Avenue and the Brooklyn Bridge saw increases closer to 25 percent.

On Wednesday, bike advocates launched

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Test Driving State-of-the-Art E-Bikes on the Streets of New York City

Next ride: the pedal-assisted VanMoof S3 ($1,998). Before I had even left home, there were several moments of white-hot panic when, despite careful instruction from the hipsters in the Williamsburg showroom, I entirely blanked on how to unlock the bike post-charge, and a skull symbol flashed on the matrix display, accompanied by a piercing alarm: Pity the prospective bike thief. (So confident are VanMoof in their security technology that they also guarantee to track a stolen bike, or replace it) Luckily my friend Alex had arrived on a Citi Bike to help troubleshoot. I decided to try out my erstwhile office commute, to the barely remembered One World Trade Center. I seemed to be expending some effort, so we dismounted and Alex took a look. He shifted me from pedal-assist level 1 to 4 and pointed out the Turbo Boost button, and at this point my life on two wheels

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Car Rams Into Black Lives Matter Protesters In New York City’s Times Square

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Photo caption:

A car drove into Black Lives Matter protesters in Times Square, hitting several people on foot and on bicycles.

Several demonstrators captured the chaotic scene which occurred at about 5:17 pm. ET.

One video posted on Twitter by a user named DataInput, shows a dark sedan honking several times before plowing into a crowd of people standing in front of the vehicle. The car lurches through an intersection leaving a chorus of screaming people in its wake.

Minutes later WNYC reporter Gwynne Hogan said the crowd appeared “rattled” but that “most people were able to jump out of the way.”

At least one person says they were injured in the attack.

The protest is still underway despite a heavy downpour of rain and hundreds of marchers intend to continue as planned.

New Yorkers streamed into the city’s streets Thursday night following the

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A New York Biker’s Headache: Where to Store It

Or, you could just ask your neighbor. Jane Torres-Lavoro, 40, and her husband Leo Lavoro, 45, who works for a record label, have been storing the bikes they bought this summer in an extra bedroom in their neighbor’s apartment in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens. They send him a text message when they want to use the bikes and he rolls them out. In exchange, Ms. Torres-Lavoro, a hospital administrator, picks up groceries for him and makes his favorite soup, a Senegalese chicken soup. “He’s like my adopted dad,” she said.

The neighbor, Michael Cohen, 70, a retired taxi driver, stores the bikes in the room that was once his daughter’s bedroom. He stores another neighbor’s bike there, too, making his apartment something of an unofficial building bike room. “It’s the least I could do. I have the free space,” he said. “I had other plans for the room, but they’re

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New York City judge punched in the jaw by bicyclist while on her way to work

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In broad daylight, a Bill de Blasio-appointed judge was “cold-cocked” in an apparently random attack on her way to work in downtown Manhattan on Monday, August 31.

Judge Phyllis Chu, 56, had just stepped off the Staten Island Ferry at about 9:40 a.m. and was heading to the courthouse when a passerby on a bicycle punched her in the jaw.

“With no words exchanged, a bicyclist riding in the opposite direction as the one she was walking in just punched her in the face and kept going,’’ a spokesman for the court system said.

The judge alerted cops who searched the area for the assailant but never located a suspect, who is described as being heavyset and wearing a blue and green shirt and riding a Citi Bike.

“The individual who may have been emotionally disturbed

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Xpeng IPO raises $1.5 billion in New York

Xpeng Motors soared more than 40% in its debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.

a car on display in a room: XIAMEN, CHINA - OCTOBER 12: A Xpeng (Xiaopeng) Motors store is pictured on October 12, 2019 in Xiamen, Fujian Province of China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

© VCG/Getty Images
XIAMEN, CHINA – OCTOBER 12: A Xpeng (Xiaopeng) Motors store is pictured on October 12, 2019 in Xiamen, Fujian Province of China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

The Alibaba-backed Chinese electric carmaker earlier said it had raised more money than expected, despite the souring of US-China relations.

Xpeng said Thursday that it sold more than 99.7 million shares for $15 each in its Wall Street debut, raising about $1.5 billion. It had originally planned to sell 85 million shares priced between $11 and $13.

Its stock began trading that day under the ticker XPEV, and closed at just over $21 per share.

The IPO comes as Chinese firms listed in New York face heightened scrutiny from US officials. Earlier this month, an advisory council run by US Treasury Secretary

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York could be UK’s first zero-emission city – with only bikes and electric vehicles

YORK could bid to become the first zero-emission city centre in the country when the lockdown is lifted.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps announced the government wants at least one city centre to be restricted to bikes and electric vehicles only – as people are encouraged to cycle and walk while public transport capacity is reduced due to coronavirus.

And councillors are calling for York to bid to become the UK’s first showpiece zero-emissions city.

It could mean only bikes, pedestrians and electric vehicles are allowed in.

The government is already asking local authorities to create pop-up bike lanes, widen pavements, establish pedestrianised or bus-only streets and boost bike fixing hubs – to get people moving without adding more traffic to the roads or overwhelming public transport.

The York Labour group has written to council leaders asking them to argue that York should be chosen as the first zero-emission city centre.

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Suspect wanted for smashing multiple subway car windows throughout New York City

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The NYPD released photos of the man they suspect to be the serial subway window smasher on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

The unidentified man is wanted in connection to 63 incidents of breaking windows on subway cars with a blunt object, according to the NYPD. Police suspect the vandalism began on May 8 and continued until at least Aug. 3, according to the authorities.

Subway car windows have been beaten, bashed and broken on the number 2, 3 and 7 lines, cops said. The criminal mischief has taken place within the confines of at least eight police precincts, including the 1, 9, 10, 17, 33, 45, 109 and 110 Precincts, according to the NYPD.

Photo courtesy of the MTA


The window whacker has caused upwards of $300,000 in damages to subway cars throughout

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