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These days, you’d be hard-pressed to score a commuter bike since they’re in such high-demand. If it seems like there are more bikers exploring all that life has to offer, it’s because more bikers really are taking to the streets. Finding the right bike takes equal parts research and luck—whether you’re ready to move up from an existing bike-share program, or you’re simply looking to invest in a bike that can be a witness to unforgettable memories.

Some of the best qualities of commuter bikes are their value, dependability and inherent versatility. Do you plan for the majority of your miles to be clocked on smooth, paved streets but you still enjoy off-roading? There’s a comfort bike for that. Working your way up to triathlon training, but not ready to go full-pro just yet? Go with a hybrid option. Ultimately, your commuter bike should be just as ambitious as you are. After all, “going the distance” hits differently when the ride is smooth enough for you to coast through difficult terrain.

We’ve helped you consider your options and listed the 10 best commuter bikes—including comfort, hybrid, and folding bikes—that you can still get your hands on.

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Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 Bike

The Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 is an ideal investment bike for smooth, long-haul commuting. Its steel frame and 700c puncture-protected tires makes the ADV 1.1 an excellent choice for guys hoping to one day train for a cross-state or cross-country touring adventure. Guys looking for a serious hybrid bike will find that the ADV 1.1 will withstand miles of intense road-tour adventure training, and will be a trusty commuter comrade.

Goplus 700C 52cm Aluminum Road/Commuter Bike Bicycle

Satiate your need for speed with the Goplus 700C 52cm Aluminum Road/Commuter Bike. At 32 pounds, the Goplus 700C won’t leave you feeling weighed down and its lightweight, aerodynamic design makes it efficient at both everyday commuting and adrenaline-inducing racing. Its sturdy frame and adjustable handlebars are constructed to power through even the most rigorous city and off-road treks.  

GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike


A true hybrid guy is always overprepared, and the GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike lives up to that sentiment. Officially built for optimal handling of rugged, mountainous terrains, the Aggressor Pro can stand up against even some of the toughest urban landscapes. Its 27.5 inch wheels, smooth drivetrain and 8-speed shifter lets you cruise through the city and off-road in true comfort.

Editor’s Pick

Cannondale Treadwell Bikes

“This stylish model exceeded all my expectations. It’s the perfect option for guys looking for a smooth ride with a comfortable bike saddle and a BMX-inspired handlebar for complete control as you cruise around town. The front rack is a nice touch for extra help to haul your gear, whether you’re just running quick errands or riding all day on a weekend adventure.” – Adam Mansuroglu, Senior Style & Gear Editor

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

There’s nothing better than an all-purpose bike you can rely on. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid 21-speed bike is just that. One of the best hybrid commuter bikes for inside the city and on everyday tail terrain, the Discover features an aluminum frame and a sturdy 700c wheel size. Expect all your essentials—everything from groceries to trail gear—to fit nicely in the Discover’s rear rack. Another top pick, check out the Schwinn Collegiate when it’s back in stock—it’s a slick new launch, part of Schwinn’s 125th anniversary commemoration. 

Editor’s Pick

Priority 600 Bike


‘This all-road bike can handle just about any surface, whether you’re weaving through city streets or crunching on gravel. The bike’s gearbox and shifter system was designed by former Porsche engineers, and the rust and grease free Gates Carbon Drive belt saves you from chain-slipping drama. Your commute will never be the smoother.” – Brett Williams, Fitness Editor

Salsa Journeyman Flat Bar Claris 650 Bike

The Salsa Journeyman Flat Bar Claris 650 is the ultimate hybrid bike built for comfort. At just about 27 pounds, the 8-speed aluminum-framed Journeyman is built with 27.5 inch tires that will sturdily stand up to a variety of adventures. From everyday commuting to light touring and gravel riding, the familiar routine of weekday commuting finally meets the thrill of weekend adventures. 

Huffy Mens Commuter Bike

A classic, low-maintenance bike, the Huffy Comfort Commuter Bike is sleek and above all, a breeze to ride. The airy aluminum frame won’t weigh you down as you move from location to location. Running late? No problem. Quickly engage this 3-Speed, and its smooth-shifting gear mechanisms will put both 27.5 inch wheels to task.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s 7-Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

With a modern, yet timeless construction the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bike is handsomely-made. It’s suited for just about every circumstance—whether you’re looking for a bike to get out and explore the neighborhood, or you’re ready to put this 7-speed hybrid to the test with longer distance touring. You’ll cruise comfortably on 26-inch wheels that set you up for a smooth ride, every time.

ZiZZO Campo 7-Speed Aluminum 20″ Folding Bike

“Foldable” and “mini” might not be the first words you’d use to describe a commuter bike, but they should be. The Zizzo by EuroMini Campo folds up in seconds—making this the quintessential go-to for storing in your trunk or carrying it onto public transportation. At 28 pounds, this small but mighty aluminum 7-speed is equipped with off-road tires and an ergonomic saddle—necessary for when your commute is suddenly transformed by bumpy detours.

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