Today’s cars are evolving, so it’s not easy to find a new vehicle with a minimal amount of new technology features. However, there are certainly some models without a ton of bells and whistles. In addition, some new-car tech is much less complicated and obtrusive than others. Why pay extra for tech you don’t want or need? This technology will not only cost you money at the outset, but it can also mean there are more systems that may fail and be pricey to repair.

There are a few strategies when it comes to finding a low-tech car. No matter which new vehicle you choose, you’re probably going to want to stick with the base model and make sure it doesn’t come with any extras or packages. In some cases, you’ll need to special order a vehicle like this, since dealers don’t always stock the bare-bones cars.

Some vehicles haven’t been completely redesigned in several years. Choosing a model that’s late in its life cycle may help assure that there aren’t state-of-the-art features, especially if it also hasn’t been refreshed or updated recently. If you have a hard time finding a vehicle that suits you and hasn’t been redesigned or recently refreshed, you can always look for a used version that was manufactured prior to the updates.

With the said, every year, cars get new tech features. In fact, due to fuel economy guidelines and mandatory safety systems, cars are required to have certain technology. As safety and emissions requirements become more stringent, automakers are forced to adopt the new technology.

We’ve compiled a list of a variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, and a minivan that are solid options for technophobes. These vehicles are well-priced and relatively basic in terms of standard features. Moreover, the tech you’ll find in these cars tends to be low-key and user-friendly.

It’s important to note that our scores and rankings change regularly as new data and expert research become available. For this reason, the scores in the article may not match up precisely with the scores in our individual reviews and rankings.

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