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Train Activities

Name Trains

Children glue squares with the letters of their name onto a strip of construction paper to make a name “train”. We add a paper engine and draw on the wheels.

Train Name

Scissor Skills

{Fine Motor Skills}
Children pretend the scissors are a train, cutting along the railroad tracks (straight, curved & jagged lines). They stop when they come to the animal sticker.

Cutting Skills

Train Patterns

Children work in pairs, each choosing one color of the Unifix cubes to work with. The children make an AB pattern: one child adding one color and the other adding the next color, taking turns adding to the train.

train patterns

Airplane Activities

Jet Pilot

{Large Motor}
Children fly around the room when their first initial is

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Manheim Continues Industry Support During Pandemic – Auctions

 - Photo: Manheim

Photo: Manheim

Manheim is providing discounts and waiving fees for its online services to support customers and clients whose businesses are impacted by closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a release from Manheim.

The company said it was waiving the sell fee on its Manheim Express app, which is for digital wholesale buying and selling, on all self-listed vehicles in April. It’s also offering independent auction discounts on OVE sales through May 31, and providing a 30-day complimentary trial for clients to Central Dispatch, which connects dealers, brokers, shippers and others directly with vehicle logistics carriers.

Manheim is also introducing a new weekend OVE event sale to motivated sellers willing to accept offers to move surplus inventory. Manheim is also supporting the roll-out of RideKleen’s new surface disinfecting and air cleansing service for dealers and fleet operators. This service is designed to drive customer confidence when

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Alaska Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance

(The following article originally appeared on the Sitka Bicycle Friendly Community Coalition website, Celebrate Sitka Cycling, on May 14, 2012.)

In 2008, Sitka became the first Alaska community to earn a Bicycle Friendly Community award. On Monday, May 14, Sitka became the first Alaska community to earn a renewal of its Bicycle Friendly Community designation.

With Monday’s national announcement to kick off National Bike to Work Week, Sitka maintained its bronze level designation in the Bicycle Friendly Community program run by the League of American Bicyclists. Sitka now is one of three recognized communities in Alaska (Anchorage earned a BFC designation in 2009 and Juneau in 2011, also at the bronze level). There currently are 214 communities in 47 states with Bicycle Friendly Community designations (at the platinum, gold, silver and bronze levels). Sitka’s award is good for four years, expiring in February 2016.

“Sitka is pleased to once again

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COVID-19 and plant closures: The automotive industry’s response to the pandemic

Ferrari factory


For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the world, automakers are taking extreme measures in the form of plant closures to halt the spread of COVID-19, the disease the coronavirus causes. The situation remains fluid as more European companies suspend work and US automakers extend shutdown periods.

Here are all the automakers and companies that have elected to halt production in the US and Europe so far. Information on Detroit’s Big Three begins our coverage, followed by all other shutdowns organized by the date automakers announced them.


Ford shut down all European and North American production on March 19 to help combat the spread of COVID-19. While Ford intended to reopen facilities and restart production on March 30, the company on March 31 delayed that goal indefinitely. However, it plans

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Rod Stewart, 75, goes for a spin on his bicycle in black singlet and leggings in in Florida

Rod Stewart, 75, goes for a spin on his bicycle in black singlet and leggings during coronavirus lockdown in Florida

He is self-isolating with his family at his Palm Beach, Florida home.

And on Tuesday, rocker Rod Stewart got some exercise in the fresh air by going for a bike ride.

The Scottish star, who’s 75, pedaled along a beachfront promenade with scenic views looking out over the ocean. 

Workout: He is self-isolating with his family at his Palm Beach, Florida home. And on Tuesday, rocker Rod Stewart got some exercise in the fresh air by going for a bike ride

Rod was dressed for his outing in a black singlet and skintight black leggings along with green trainers.

He wore a safety helmet as well as gloves.

The Maggie May hitmaker

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How Electric-Vehicle Startups Are Coping in Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Rivian, which has been talking up its electric truck and SUV (below), and Lucid, with its near-production Air luxury sedan (pictured above), have both had to reschedule events due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Some EV startups were in the middle of building factories when shelter-in-place orders were given.
  • The agility that is a characteristic of startup culture is keeping the work going at some of these companies.

    Update 4/8/20: The Chicago Tribune reports that Rivian’s delivery timeline for the electric R1T pickup has slipped to 2021 from 2020. The reason for the delay is that the retooling of the Normal, Illinois, plant has come to a standstill because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    At a time when traditional automakers with decades of manufacturing and selling vehicles under their belts are announcing that they’re extending their shutdown of operations, EV startups are in even more precarious position. Most don’t have the capital

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    Transportation as a Civil Rights Issue

    Many things come to mind when you think about transportation: Traffic, congestion, mass transit and the cost of fuel, to name a few. You might also think about the economy, urban planning and the environment. Yet one thing often is left out of the discussion: civil rights.

    The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights lays out the case for transportation as a civil right in a report, Where We Need to Go: A Civil Rights Roadmap for Transportation Equity.

    The way the conference sees it, access to transportation is key to connecting the poor, seniors and those with disabilities to jobs, schools, health care and other resources. It is essential to widening opportunities for all. Many of us take our mobility for granted, but getting around can be a real challenge for millions of Americans.

    This is a key issue as Congress considers the surface transportation reauthorization bill,

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    $10 Off 2020 Promo Codes

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    Mandatory bicycle helmet laws in Western Australia

    Australia’s National Cycling Participation 2019 survey confirms that the equivalent of more than a million fewer people are riding bicycles each week in 2019 than in 2011, and suggests 35.1% fewer Australians aged 9yo+ were cycling each day in 2019 than in 1985/86, despite 62% population growth (see report analysis).

    Australia’s largest cycling organisation, the Bicycle Network, has reversed its policy and from 31 October 2018 is recommending a five year trial permitting people older than 17 to choose whether they wear a helmet when riding on footpaths or off-road cycle paths (read recommendation and policy paper).

    The recommendation follows a 14 month inquiry which had 19,327 respondents, with 58.3% supporting a change to helmet laws and opinions expressed by Australia’s leading experts on helmet law efficacy (read submissions including the opinion of this website).

    It is likely the recommendation will be ignored or given short shrift by Australia’s media

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