Much ink has been spent, both of the real kind and virtual, on describing the very special relationship between man and his car. Building a special, custom garage for your most prized machines is, as such, not that strange.

Neither is there anything to feel ashamed about in wanting to show off. A couple from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, wanted to show their beauties to the world, so they commissioned architects to build them a custom garage that would double as a showroom.

Their beauties are a Jaguar XJS convertible and a Jaguar XJ (X358), and their firm of choice was Bureau Fraai from Amsterdam (story via Robb Report). The work was completed this year, and as the photos in the gallery show, it’s way more tasteful than you were probably led to believe.

The idea for the garage was to build a safe storage space for the two vehicles inside that would serve as showcase for them as well. They’re visible from inside the home and, of course, from the outside. The two Jags are stacked one on top of the other on an automatic car lift, with the upper most “framed” by the oversize window as if it were a painting. The decision to display just one Jag at the time, the architects say, was so the owners could choose to frame their favorite at the moment.

A large, grille-like piece with the Jaguar logo in the center sits on the exterior wall, a clear homage to the cars inside.

In addition to the garage, the same firm built an extension to the house, connecting the two with a new room. This unit also has two large steel-framed windows, which extend into the interior: one doubles as an office, while the other can serve as a bench. The garage is visible through both windows, so the owners can now work from home or chill with a book and see their favorite Jaguar whenever they look up – and to the sideways.

Of course, the idea of showroom-like garages is not new, but this recent iteration is quite tastefully done. Fitting for such a timeless, elegant ride.