As a road cyclist, I can tell you wholeheartedly that downhill mountain bikes are lazy*. I know this, because I used to live with them. They would put their bikes in a van, drive to the top of the trails, and then let gravity do all the work as they plummet back to earth. Sometimes, they would even use ski lifts to get to the top of the mountain, where’s the fun in that?

If only there was a gadget that could give them a little assistance, so they could actually ride to the trailhead, rather than having to drive there.

There are plenty of options for retrofitting motors to bicycles nowadays, but one neat — albeit shockingly expensive — little device has caught my eye because it is so minimalist and means you don’t have to remove your fancy wheels or add a crazy heavy motor to your rig.

It’s called the Elevate, made by startup Bimotal, and it fits to your bike with minimal modification. It’s a small motor that attaches to a bike just above the rear disc brake. Using a special disc brake rotor, that has a toothed gear attached to mesh with the Elevate’s motor, the device can apply power directly to the rear wheel.


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Credit: Bimotal