• Aston Martin and The Little Car Company teamed up to create a pint-sized, electric version of the iconic DB5 sports car. 
  • With a top speed of 30 mph and a range of up to 20 miles, the DB5 junior isn’t your average toy car. 
  • It also comes in a sportier Vantage version that has double the power and a higher top speed. 
  • The DB5 Junior starts at roughly $47,000, while the DB5 Vantage Junior retails for $60,000 and up. 
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Aston Martin has a new car on the market — but it might be a tight fit for you, dear reader. That’s because it’s a tiny, child-sized electric version of Aston’s iconic 1960s sports car, the DB5.

Tiny as it may be, however, the DB5 Junior’s price tag isn’t. The two-thirds-scale car starts at a hefty $47,000, and the sportier Vantage version commands a hefty $60,000 before taxes or extra options. 

The Little Car Company, whose mission is to create “exceptional junior cars in partnership with the most elite car manufacturers,” helped Aston bring its mini DB5 to life — and it’s not your typical ride-on toy car. Aston and The Little Car Company meticulously recreated the original DB5 of yore, even incorporating scaled-down versions of its gauges, front and rear suspension, steering wheel, and badges.

Not to mention, the DB5 Junior can hit a top speed of 30 mph and boasts a range of up to 20 miles. Its more powerful sibling, the DB5 Vantage Junior, goes even faster. 

Take a closer look at the completely over-the-top mini car below.