Your Audi is one finest example of your luxurious lifestyle. It is not a car for middle-class people, and you need to belong to the upper scale of society to actually purchase a car. Now, much like any other vehicle from any brand, your Audi needs maintenance from time to time. Taking your car to the nearby service centre is mandatory, especially if you want it to last for a long span. Now, with expensive cars like Audi, you can easily be sure of spending quite some bucks for servicing as well. The more expensive the car, the higher will be the servicing pay.

More on the best servicing plan:

During that time, the servicing plan from reliable Audi service centres can help you save a great deal of money. The best 5-year servicing plan from Audi service centre Artarmon, you get the opportunity to purchase the servicing package in a complete plan. As it is quite self-explanatory, this servicing plan is available for five years from the time of purchasing it. As you are getting the servicing package in bulk, the chances are high that you might be saving a great deal of money. Get experienced professionals by your side and expert car mechanics to take care of such an expensive possession on your behalf. Just pay once and get five years of comprehensive, convenient and all-inclusive Audi genuine servicing.

The note from the luxury car maker:

This maintenance program package was first initiated for a period of 3 years. After gaining quite a success story from the Audi users, the Germany luxury carmaker has extended that official maintenance program from 3 to 5 years. A survey found out that this change helped owners save around 30% more when compared to the cost of any individual annual Audi Service Artarmon plan for that same time span.

Debunking the current myth:

With the aim to debunk this myth that the running costs of Audi are pretty expensive, this advance single 5-year service plan payment will cover not just the scheduled services but even the unscheduled ones. Along with that, if there are some other servicing costs, those will be included in this 5-year plan as well.

  • Furthermore, you will get a bonus for all the performance enthusiasts as well.
  • For the first time ever, the Service Plans from Audi will cover the firm’s entire model range, and that will include the flagship RS variant.
  • Then you have the Audi Roadside Assistance coverage, which can further offer complementary services for around six years because of the Service Initiated Roadside Assistance.
  • This program is applied whenever the owners return to Audi Centre for Audi service Artarmonin 3, 4 or 5 years.
  • Special trained Audi technicians primarily conduct these programs. They will use only the genuine spare parts of the Audi model you are using.
  • Not just the best spare parts, but the expert technicians will use the current diagnostic software with the aim to ensure that all models will be returned to their respective owners in peak condition with the finest performance.

This current 5-year service plan will cover up a maximum of around 75,000 km within a span of 5 years. There will be alternative packages between inspection services and oil services. You are asked to get in touch with the best Professional Audi service centre in Artarmon if you want to learn more about this servicing plan right here. They are experts and ready to serve you with the best maintenance help you need for your Audi.

More on the oil services:

This particular plan will start the 5-year or 75,000 km plan. It will include checking out the drivetrain, steering, brake system, battery, and computer systems, interior and exterior lighting and more. Moreover, this plan will include checking out the tyres or wheels, underbody and exhaust system, washer fluid, oil levels and AdBlue top-up for the diesel ones whenever it is applicable.

Dealing with the inspection services:

This form of service will be staged first after covering 30,000 km or 1st year. Then you will get it at 60,000 km or 48 months, whichever comes first. It will include all the current elements of any oil service and also adding some extra areas. Those extra services will include oil check for the manual and automatic gearboxes, checking out suspension assessment, new pollen or dust cabin filter and more.

Even the team of professionals will offer battery replacement for remote entry key fob as part of the Audi service Artarmon. Moreover, if needed, they might further check the proper condition of your car’s sunroof. If needed, you can rely on a well-trained car mechanic to replace the brake fluid. Just be sure to get along with them beforehand and pre-book an appointment, as they are super busy with new clients all the time.

All the possible oil and inspection services will add a comprehensive road-test on the quality check. Along with that, there will be a complimentary external interior vacuum and vehicle wash available as part of the 5-year servicing plan. So, now you know why more people are interested in this category.

Great for those who are purchasing brand new Audi:

This particular 5-year  Audi service Artarmon plan is great for the new Audi owners. They can get it while purchasing the new car or at any time during the first scheduled service or after the car covered 15,000 km, whichever comes first.

It is one preferred alternative to that one-off payment scale. So, now the owners can easily get to spread out their car’s maintenance cost by adding this Service Plan into the finance contract. They can make the payments in instalments if they want to.

These service plans are well linked up with the car purchased. So, the plans will remain transferable when it is time to change the ownership of the car as well. Be sure to learn everything about the servicing plan in detail before moving forward with it.