With new opportunities come new challenges. 

The market for automotive IoT and connected cars is set to reach a staggering $133 billion by 2024 – generating serious potential profits for OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers. 

Reliable connectivity for connected cars can help with everything from Telematics to preventive maintenance to accident prevention and enhanced entertainment systems. 

Autonomous driving will be facilitated by V2X (vehicle to everything) connectivity and the emergence of 5G connected cars, which will provide a new – more convenient – driving experience.

But connected cars will meet challenges and stiff resistance too. 

It will only take a couple of accidents caused by connected technology for progress to be delayed by years. Regulators and consumer groups will also push back against anything they perceive as risky.

To succeed in this exciting new market, automotive suppliers and car manufacturers will need to show they meet the highest standards of security and connectivity. 

The IoT in Automotive market worth $133B in 2024


4 key features connected car offerings must deliver 

Car manufacturers and Tier 1 providers need to build trust in their connected car offerings if they are to enter this lucrative and fast-growing market. They must demonstrate that connected cars offer: 

  • Inviolable security
    If a connected car can be breached, the risks are enormous – from private data being leaked to hackers taking control of the vehicle. Any connected securing element must implement the highest security standards. 
  • Device lifecycle management
    It needs to be possible to remotely update, patch, and improve connected car applications and embedded devices. This process will keep connected cars working at optimal performance and protect them against new cyber risks while enhancing the user experience.
  • Always-on, reliable connectivity
    Any connected automobile must be able to transmit data rapidly and reliably. Delays could confuse the driver and even generate accidents. 
  • Worldwide and seamless operation
    Any connected vehicle component, device, or app must be suitable for deployment in any market around the world without complex adjustments for different markets.  

Thales’ dedicated automotive connectivity solutions, advanced security expertise, and device lifecycle management platform allow you to meet the requirements of the connected car of the future. OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers use our dedicated eSIM, and cellular modules are used by for a wide range of applications.


Thales State-of-the-Art Automotive Solutions provide OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with:

  • Dedicated automotive-grade cellular connectivity modules
  • Product design according to AEC Q100
  • LTE Advanced Pro high-speed connectivity
  • V2X secure connectivity
  • Advanced temperature management
  • Automotive-grade eSIM and Secure Element
  • Embedded processing
  • Renowned security expertise: ID and credential management, and full data encryption
  • Fully certified automotive quality processes and services

Thales solutions for automotive IoT

CONNECT smart vehicles

CONNECT smart vehicles

Vehicle manufacturers demand uninterrupted connectivity from any smart device in their cars – delays in data transmission could put lives at risk or spoil the user experience. Thales’ dedicated automotive connectivity solutions offer you:

  • Robust and tamper-proof cellular modules which reliably transmits data even in the most extreme environments of temperature, vibration or moisture 
  • Embedded LTE solutions offering high-bandwidth and low latency connectivity that improve the driving and passenger experiences
  • Automotive dedicated eSIMs to identify vehicles, encrypt and secure communications. eSIMs also ensure remote connectivity provisioning, greatly simplifying the supply chain.

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MANAGE connected cars' lifecycles

MANAGE connected cars’ lifecycles

Device lifecycle management is essential for long-lasting and trusted connected car applications. Car manufacturers should be capable of running remote software and security updates as and when needed, to address large fleets of devices. This will keep connected cars working optimally and protected against emerging cyberthreats. 

Thales’ solutions provide you:

  • A comprehensive platform for deploying feature updates and security patches remotely, across your entire fleet  
  • A secure environment that only accepts encryption-based digitally signed updates to be remotely downloaded in-car
SECURE connected cars

SECURE connected cars

Security requirements for connected vehicles are among the most stringent in the industry. Any data vulnerability puts the car at risk of theft, and, in the worst-case scenario, malicious hackers could also cause widespread accidents.

Partner with Thales for:

  • World-renowned cybersecurity expertise – the Thales brand is recognised globally for providing comprehensive cybersecurity modules 
  • Secure digital IDs, credentials, and data encryption at all times to protect connected cars, their applications, and data transfer from malicious access.
  • Quality standards: our solutions comply with VDA 6.2 and TS16949 quality standards and quality processes, including APQP, PPAP, 8D reporting, and PCN process.
  • Vehicle digital key, with secure key creation, storage and transfer to external parties
  • Security lifecycle management, helping you comply with relevant and emerging data privacy laws around the world.

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ANALYZE connected cars data

ANALYSE connected cars data

Connected cars are generating more and more data. This provides car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers with vast amounts of valuable information about how vehicles are being used and how they perform. Thales’ analysis solutions help you:

  • Monitor service and feature usage and adapt business models accordingly
  • Enhance and improve your service offering, to improve customer satisfaction
  • Benefit from AI and machine learning to identify unusual behaviour across a complete fleet, as well as risks and potential issues

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The Thales advantage for connected cars

Incomparable connected car security

Thales offers the gold-standard of connected device security and invests heavily in R&D to continually enhance and improve our offerings

Versatile deployment

Our eSIM and connected module are designed to allow you to build once, deploy anywhere – we connect with cellular networks anywhere on earth, meaning you do not need to make changes to sell your product in different regions

Reliable data

We can transmit data over a range of networks meaning that your devices can continue operating in tunnels, underground, or in remote locations.

Learn more about Thales expertise:

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