Bank holiday traffic chaos is expected with the RAC predicting that 18million leisure trips will be taken over the weekend. This would be 1.8million extra trips compared to the year before with Friday set to be the busiest day of the three.

Henry Topham, Managing Director at LV Brittania Rescue said: “If you have not used your car as much over recent months, whether this is due to lockdown or other reasons, take your car for a short test-drive before your trip.
“If you are not a regular driver, it is generally good practice to frequently go for short drives to ensure the battery does not go flat.
“Also ensure you have a spare tyre, in case of wheel problems during your journey.
“In the hot weather we have been experiencing recently, it’s also a good idea to have handy extras packed in case you breakdown.

Driving for a prolonged period of time can put pressure on the engine which may begin to overheat and cause a breakdown.
To prevent this, vehicle owners have also been urged to check their engine coolant and fill up with water.
LV Britannia Rescue has also urged drivers to check their car’s lights and inspect their oil levels before heading off for a trip.
RAC breakdown spokesperson Rod Dennis said many incidents “can be avoided” through a range of simple checks.
He warned this could make the difference between a smooth trip and one “blighted by a breakdown”.
He said: “Our teams will be working incredibly hard to rescue drivers who run into trouble, but in so many cases breakdowns can be avoided.

“A quick check of a car’s ‘vitals’ – tyre pressure and tread, oil and coolant levels – can make the difference between a smooth trip or one blighted by a breakdown.

“It’s also very important those towing caravans and trailers complete a range of checks, too.”