Picture this: You’ve struck it rich in the oil world, and you want one of the fastest cars in all of the land. You plop on a top hat and head to your local Bentley dealership where you see the fantastic four-and-a-half-liter Bentley gleaming in the showroom. You talk with the salesman about your bottomless pit of money and your equally bottomless desire for speed, and he shows you a Bentley Blower. Unfortunately, because of time and continued automotive development, you can’t do that. Or, can you?

Bentley has finally started production on the prototype of its continuation Bentley Blower series. This continuation series prototype has started its assembly process in Bentley’s Mulliner workshop. Anyone that’s had a hand at restoring a car knows that sourcing the correct parts is essential to your success.

On the off chance that the parts you’re looking for aren’t reproduced or the reproduction pieces aren’t well made, then you need to get creative. Bentley? Well, they went ahead and disassembled the number 2 Team Car from its collection and went to work with a laser scanner. The team at Bentley also referenced drafts and drawings from the 1920s to make these cars as accurate as possible.

Even with its technological might, Bentley also reached out to a small army of suppliers to source important pieces for these special cars. Bentley relied on artisans and craftsmen for features like the radiator, fuel tank and headlamps. Heck, even the leaf springs are made outside of Bentley’s workshop.

While all of the pieces are ready for assembly, the team at Bentley is starting the laborious job of, well, putting them all together. Of course, anyone that’s had the pleasure of doing the initial assembly on a restoration knows: It’s all coming back apart. That is, to make sure that the period-correct finish is applied flawlessly on every piece of this continuation prototype.

We doubt that this prototype will see any road miles soon, but it will go through the rigors of the Bentley grounds at Crewe before hitting the race track. Bentley does say that “Car Zero,” as it’s being called, will make a public appearance this fall, but only after the 12 customers have a chance to see it first.

If you’re just now hearing about these Bentley Blower continuation cars and you want one, here is some bad news: They’re all sold. Each of the 12 prospective owners is working with Bentley to get the exact car that they want before full production takes off.

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