As we experience a global pandemic, the ever present climate crisis, and overcrowding in cities, the way we get around isn’t changing because it can, it’s changing because it has to. 

Some vehicles of our near future appear to be more certain to succeed than others. Ebikes and electric cars are carving themselves a niche as transport options that are more sustainable than outgoing fossil fuel based alternatives. 

Escooter sharing schemes are having a moment, too. It’s too soon to tell how they’ll pan out, but the schemes were recently fast-tracked to British streets to offer socially distanced mobility options amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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All of these options still come with compromises. Cars are massive and aren’t a great option for traveling through the busy cities. Smaller, more agile, ebikes are great for transporting people, but leave a lot to be desired in sour weather or when you have lots of luggage. 

There seems to be an opportunity for someone to come along and fill the gap between cars and bikes — Canyon, the online only direct-to-consumer bike maker based in Germany, agrees. 

Today Canyon announced its “Future Mobility Concept,” its dream to shake up the mobility market with its “podbike” vehicle that looks as if Sir Clive Sinclair wrote an episode of the Jetsons. 

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Credit: Canyon