KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A popular metro park is the latest place that’s been hit by thieves who are breaking into vehicles.

They’re targeting the Swope Park parking lot along Oakwood Drive.

“The trail part is very safe,” Marissa Andersen said. “I ride here by myself. It’s really a great place, safe place. It’s just the nuisance your car may get broken into.”

Andersen is the coach of the newly formed Missouri Nika Mountain Bike team for area youth. She said the riders love the Swope Park trails, but the concern of break-ins is keeping some parents away.

“Being the coach of my team, we have new parents, and I don’t want them to feel like this is an unsafe place because it’s not at all,” Andersen said.

FOX4 used KCPD’s crime mapping tool and found out there have been 11 vehicle break-ins reported in the last month in the area; seven were on Oakwood Drive.

Some drivers said they’ve spoken out about the issue, but nothing has been done.

“Some people have talked to rangers. I’ve submitted 311 tickets. I’ve asked questions of parks departments or police or whoever I can get to answer my call: What are we doing? Can something else be done to remedy this?” Sarah Hemme said. “I haven’t really gotten much of a response.”

Hemme and other bikers said they would like to see cameras, more patrols or even signs.

They also want to educate people on the natural beauty and oasis of the 1,800-acre KC park.

“Swope is like the crown jewel of Kansas City mountain bike trail systems,” Hemme said, “an escape from the urban city. If we can get more people here, maybe that would deter the break-ins.”