Car crashes into restaurant’s outdoor dining area in NY

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (WABC/CNN) – A car slammed into the outdoor dining area of a Brooklyn restaurant, and it was caught on camera.

One woman was hurt, and police are searching for the driver, who took off.

The car just plowed into the barrier of the Cafe Alula restaurant in Greenpoint Thursday and pushed customers aside, and the car just kept going as people scrambled to get up and out of the way.

Barriers were flipped, and plants thrown everywhere. One barrier was destroyed altogether.

Matt and Briana White were right there.

“One instant, we’re just having coffee. And then out of nowhere, we just feel a big push, didn’t see anything, just snuck up behind us,” Matt White said.

“I heard a loud crash, and I thought it was a construction, but I turned around, and I saw a car had plowed into the dining area. And I was horrified,” said Ladia Guerra, a Cafe Alula employee.

After the collision, the car kept right on going, but at first nobody was even paying attention to that.

“I was just in total shock. I couldn’t talk. I saw his face. It was an old man, older man,” Matt White said. “There was one customer who was hurt. She just seemed really shaken up, and she said her ribs hurt. So I called an ambulance for her.”

Police came, but so far they don’t know who was driving the car that slammed into the barriers.

Briana White likes outdoor dining, but after this, “It would be helpful if there were some concrete barriers provided for these types of places. It’s really nice to sit outside, especially because of COVID.”

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