Residents input on bike lane

Penticton City Council will be hearing new information Sept. 15 on where to put in a bike lane running from Skaha Lake to Okanagan Lake. 

The last phase of the three-phase information collecting process will run from Sept. 16 to mid-October, asking owners and tenants along the proposed preferred route, which comprises South Main St., Atkinson St., Fairview Road and Martin St., to comment on how a bike lane along their road may or may not impact them.

“On Sept. 15, staff will present the proposed preferred route to Council and seek their confirmation to proceed to a fourth and final round of engagement,” said the City’s Engagement Strategist, JoAnne Kleb in a press release.

“Until now, our engagement process has focused on communicating and explaining the concept of a lake-to-lake bike lane, along with exploring options on where best to build it. For this final phase of engagement, attention shifts towards the specific streets that could form a route and understanding how the integration of a bike lane impacts adjacent homes or businesses.”

The city expects that not everyone has learned about the project during the past ten months of comments and engagement, and they’re encouraging those to get up to speed by reviewing the information resources located on the City’s engagement website.