As part of its ongoing drive to explore the future of mobility, the renowned German bicycle manufacturer Canyon has presented a surprising hybrid concept vehicle, which is half-bike and half-car.

Engineers and designers at Canyon in collaboration with RWTH Aachen University have developed a surprising vehicle that is intended to provide simple and comfortable mobility in the city of the future.

Like a recumbent bicycle, the four-wheeled electric vehicle has pedals and is steered using lateral tank levers, which are positioned on the level of the driver’s hips.

The idea of the concept is that it can be used both in cycle lanes and on the road. It therefore combines the comfort and speed of an electric car with the gridlock-defeating manoeuvrability of an electric bicycle, making it an optimal means of transport for the city of the future.

Critically, it has a passenger compartment with a roof, which can be rolled back in warm weather. Behind the driver, there is plenty of space for baggage, which can also accommodate a child.

The new machine’s electric motor can reach 60 km/h when in road driving mode, and its battery has enough power to cover 150 kilometers with a single charge.

This article was published via AFP Relaxnews.