Sri Lanka’s first ever homegrown electric bicycle made its debut last evening with local startup ‘Rhoda’ unveiling the first of the 50 ‘founder’s edition’ in Colombo.

Designed and assembled in Sri Lanka, the bicycle range launched under the ‘Rhoda AT’ brand are conceptualized to promote the cycling habit in the country.

The Rhoda AT is a smart bicycle that is integrated with custom built smartphone application. An economical and eco-friendly transport mode ideally suited for traffic packed cities, the electric cycle features a step through and water resistant design, flat tyres, hub motor, integrated lock system, LED head and tail lights, pedals hall effect sensor, phone mount, control pad, and a four liter luggage space.

The fundamental feature of the bicycle revolves around the combination of the electric motor and battery, which alongside the Pure Mode for regular cycling provide two additional and unique experiences of  Cruise Mode, the ‘safer motorcycle’ and Power-Assist Mode, the ‘invisible pusher’.

Rhoda is currently assembled on pre-order and the first batch is set to be rolled out in 1Q21. 




  – Pix by Kithsiri de Mel



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