JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There has been a noticeable accumulation of trash on the Buckman Bridge in recent weeks, and the Florida Department of Transportation held a meeting Tuesday morning to discuss cleaning it up.

The state agency told News4Jax the meeting was held with the contractor overseeing a construction project that will install new signs above the bridge. The state Department of Transportation said the contractor’s name is Florida Safety Contractors, and there was an issue with a subcontractor, which was responsible for debris removal.

After Tuesday’s meeting, the DOT told News4Jax “corrective action will be taken.”

News4Jax was first tipped off to the trash across the bridge by a viewer who sent an email, writing, “The amount of trash on the bridge is pitiful. While driving over today I saw everything from furniture pieces, lawnmower seat, gas cans and many tire pieces.”

Other drivers have noticed the same thing.

“There’s just stuff everywhere. It’s dangerous. Things falling out of people’s cars, and just general debris all over the place,” said driver Helen Falch.

Drivers said they want a cleaner bridge, not only because it looks nicer, but because it’s safer.

“If you have those road gators …. it can actually tear your tire up. If it’s people’s ladder or wood or things like that, that can do damage, as well,” said driver Caren Sandusky. “That is concerning because there’s really not a lot of room to play where the bridge is under construction right now.”

The News4Jax I-TEAM has documented the issue of debris on Jacksonville roadways in recent years.

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