Corvettes, Barracudas and T Buckets. The parking lot at Frederick Elks Lodge 684 was filled with them on Sunday, all part of a car show hosted by Golden Gears Car Club of Frederick County and Frederick Elks Lodge 684.

“This is our fifth annual car show that we do for the Frederick Elks as a payback for them letting us use their building for our meetings and our Christmas party,” said Michael Locke, vice president of the Golden Gears Car Club of Frederick County.

“This is one of the few events we’ve been able to do this year because of the COVID-19,” he said. “All the proceeds we get from t-shirt sales, 50/50 drawing and entry fee we all give back to the Elks Lodge for their improvement fund and the many charities that they contribute to.”

Cars were parked in every other space to allow for distancing, hand sanitizing stations were available and at the registration table there was an entry and exit point. About 120 cars of all different makes and models were expected to be on display at the show.

“We give 15 awards away,” Locke said. “Then we do a Elks Lodge exalted ruler, who is the big papa of the Elks, they do a pick and then we do a pick for the best of show car.”

Locke said the thing about “these car guys,” is that they’re just one big family.

“They walk around, they meet people, they talk to each other, they see something on a car that they may want to do to their car, they ask a lot of questions and it’s … a great way to get out and enjoy yourself and enjoy everybody around you,” he said.

Locke said in the past five years, the Golden Gears Car Club has averaged giving away $10,000 to $12,000 a year to local charities.

James “JR” Rosenberger is a sponsor of the Golden Gears Car Club of Frederick County and attended the show Sunday with his wife, JoAnne, and their cars.

“I’m showing the Barracuda today,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in cars. I worked at gas stations. I own a station down in Silver Spring and we just started collecting cars.”

Rosenberger said what he enjoys most is the friendship and camaraderie.

“A ton of us cruised out here from Green Valley this morning,” he said, adding that it’s just nice to get out of the house.

Robert Heffner and Joe Fisher also attended the show Sunday. Heffner, a member of the Frederick County Corvette Club, was there with his 2011 Corvette Grand Sport.

“We haven’t been out to a car show all year so this is the first one,” he said. “It’s a beautiful day, so why not come out?”

Heffner said he was most looking forward to looking at cars and enjoying the day out with his friends and other car enthusiasts.

Fisher was at the show with his 1923 Ford T Bucket and said he has a couple cars.

“I grew up working on cars,” he said. “My father was into cars and I have four sons so [I’m] trying to get them into cars.”

Fisher said he was most looking forward to the different varieties at the show and seeing what people have.

As someone who shows cars, Heffner said he enjoys the camaraderie with the other guys, meeting new people and looking at cool cars.

“I’ve always wanted a gray Grand Sport,” he said of his car. “And I found one last year and it’s my dream car. It’s my wife and I’s dream car … it’s a beautiful car.”

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