Back in 2019, Flyin’ Miata, the Colorado-based tuner famous for its forced induction kits and V-8 swaps, revealed its newest project: a V-8-swapped NB-generation Miata built for hill climb racing. It looks and sounds absolutely wild on the move.

Larry Chen of Hoonigan was recently given the chance to spend some time with the car for the latest episode of his AutoFocus series on YouTube. If you’re not familiar with the car, here’s a quick rundown: A Chevy LS3 V-8 making well over 400 horsepower sits under the hood, sending power to the rear wheels via a sequentially shifted T56 six-speed transmission and a CTS-V differential. There’s also AFCO two-way adjustable coil-overs paired with Flyin’ Miata springs, a hydraulic handbrake, a six-point roll cage, and an eight-gallon fuel cell. The body has been significantly modified to fit some ridiculously massive all-terrain race tires, perfect for dirt road hillclimbs.

a green truck parked in front of a blue car: We'd kill for a go in this thing.

© Larry Chen / Hoonigan AutoFocus – YouTube
We’d kill for a go in this thing.

Brian Ruble of Flyin’ Miata doesn’t hold anything back while giving Chen a ride in the passenger seat, and thanks to some onboard cameras, we get the full experience. The car is sideways at all times, and makes a ferocious sound. We’re not jealous. Not one bit.

After the quick demonstration, Ruble takes the car back to the Flyin’ Miata shop to give Chen a quick rundown on some of the more interesting parts of the build. If you’re into Miatas (we bet you are, since you’re reading this), it’s a must-watch.

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