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JAMMU, Aug 28: Ford has announced tips to keep car clean this monsoon.
According to handout issued by the company, “Monsoon is in its full flurry this year with most parts of India receiving above-normal rainfall. Every year during monsoon, the weather may cause lead to premature ageing of customers’ vehicles. The customer can, however, follow easy tips from Ford to keep their car in good condition”.
Car interiors, with seats made of foam, are prone to musty damp odour. This happens due to lack of air recirculation, making interiors a potent ground for moisture accumulation. This can be prevented in three simple ways–keep the floors dry by placing fabric or rubber mats in your car. They are slip-proof and easy to clean. The customer can buy such mats, custom-made for Ford, from any authorized dealership. They will prevent mud and water from your shoes to settle on the floor as well as protect the carpet from damage.
“The customer’s car can soak in moisture from your wet or damp clothes. Just wiping the seats down may not be enough. Start with removing loose dirt particles and then use a multi-purpose cleaner spray or foam-based product to scrub stains. The best thing to do is to leave your worries to Ford which now offers Ford Doorstep Service”, the handout read.
AC during monsoon can be used to regulate the moisture level and keep it dry. This can prevent the growth of mould curb foul smell. Therefore, your car air conditioner must be working properly. Again, Dial-A-Ford lets you schedule doorstep service to ensure your AC works properly.
The underside of the car’s bonnet and the boot doors can accumulate debris that can potentially clog draining holes, retain water and may cause rusting. Scrub bonnet and boot undersides with a damp cloth. If needed, use an all-purpose cleaning spray on door jambs to get rid of grime.
Mud and debris that gets kicked up by the tyres tend to settle on the underbody, which may cause rusting. A mixture of used engine oil and dieseleffectively cleans the mud and prevents further dust accumulation. You can use this mixture on the suspension to keep it rust-free. Install mudguardsto prevent splashing mud from settling on the underbody.
“Though a car cover can protect your vehicle from dust and rain, rain-soaked tarpaulin covers may stick to the car’s paint upon drying. This can cause peeling off the paint while removing the cover. However, parking your car indoors or under a shelter is a better option. Cars often need a little extra attention and care during the monsoon. So, follow the above tips to ensure you have a trouble-free experience”, the handout read further.

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