As someone who travels almost entirely by two-wheeled electric vehicles, I’ve found that major GPS navigation apps can sometimes be just as precarious as they are helpful. Usually intended for cars, most GPS navigation apps can occasionally send us micromobility users onto unfriendly streets. But now ScootRoute is solving that problem with a highly customizable navigation app designed specifically to help riders of e-bikes, e-scooters, and other micromobility devices stick to safer roads.

ScootRoute aims to make micromobility safer

ScootRoute works in cities and suburbs, letting riders select specific perimeters to receive customized turn-by-turn GPS directions.

Factors such as hill-climbing tolerance, traffic, bike lane availability, road type, and speed limits can be adjusted by the user, according to their preferences.

An electric mountain bike rider might want to include the option for shortcuts across off-road trails, while a scooter rider will likely prefer sticking to streets with bike lanes or low speed limits.

The app also uses three different mapping technologies and includes voice-based turn-by-turn navigation so riders don’t have to look down at their phone while navigating. Commonly used routes can also be saved to access quickly in the future.