Bicycle legislation is coming to save your life.

The new legislation will require all bicyclists to have two, large four-inch mirrors on each handle bar and a tall whip like flag on the back of every bicycle. Kind of like Pee Wee Herman. Like that? No? Maybe a registration fees for each bicycle and a “road use fee” like trucks pay. This will fund your bicycle lanes that have caused congestion in our cities and towns making roads less passable and much narrower.

My drives into Longwood medical area where I work via Beacon St. in Boston is a good example but it happens here in my home in New Hampshire, too.

Am I serious about the Pee Wee thing? No, but maybe I am serious about the rest and definitely legislation for riding on the left. I am not alone on that. There are a lot of us here and other states who see the bicycle lanes and other things as problematic. Motorist rights groups along with truckers and motorcyclists are demanding some change.

It is these people that are held responsible when a bicyclist blindly blunders into our path and we “hit them from behind,” usually killing them. No one wants that. We as motorists defeated the red light camera bill some time ago and even made them illegal in New Hampshire. I did that.

There are far more car, truck and motorcycle operators than active bicyclists. All of which pay to be on the road except bicyclists.

Some of the recent bike legislation was not well thought out. Losing almost half of my lane to bicycles and endangering my life to oncoming traffic is not a solution. I ride a bike, too.

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