HOBOKEN AND JERSEY CITY, NJ — Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop this week announced Lyft/Citi Bike as the selected bike share provider for a unique partnership to expand regional connectivity and mobility within two of New Jersey’s largest and most advanced transportation hubs through a combined bike share program. The new program will be interoperable with Citi Bike NYC, so members of the Hoboken-Jersey City Bike Share Program can rent Citi Bikes in New York at no additional cost.

“It’s a pivotal moment as we work to foster safer and healthier solutions to the unprecedented challenges we’re currently facing due to the pandemic, and this bike share partnership is the innovate approach people are looking for to avoid crowded mass transit and opt for a safer, healthier, low-cost, and efficient means of travel,” said Mayor Fulop. “We’ve already seen how widely utilized Citi Bike has been in Jersey City, and I’m excited to expand that mobility beyond our city borders, making it much easier for residents and visitors to travel between the two communities for work, shopping, dining, and more.”

“I am thrilled that Hoboken will be joining Jersey City in upgrading our bike share system to Citi Bike,” said Mayor Bhalla. “This system will provide an integrated transportation option between Hoboken and Jersey City that is safe, affordable and convenient for residents, which is especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only will Citi Bike provide for improved connectivity between our two cities but will also allow Hoboken residents to now utilize Citi Bike in New York City with one membership. We look forward to the launch of Citi Bike in Hoboken with Mayor Fulop this fall!”

A regional bike share company will help advance safer, alternative transportation options, a central component of both cities’ Vision Zero campaigns to eliminate pedestrian deaths and serious injuries within 10 years or less. Jersey City and Hoboken are two of the most bike-friendly communities in New Jersey, with a combined 75 miles of protected bike lanes, conventional bike lanes, and shared lanes.

The combined Hoboken-Jersey City bike share system will initially include 800 bikes and 82 stations, making it one of the largest bike share programs in the eastern United States. During initial deployment, Lyft will maintain and make necessary upgrades to the existing 51 Citi Bike stations in Jersey City and will add 2 new stations on the south side of the city. In an effort to focus investments in underserved neighborhoods, Lyft will work with Jersey City to locate 75{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446} of the new stations outside of Downtown.

In Hoboken, Lyft will install 30 new stations which will effectively replace the existing Hudson Bike Share stations. Starting in 2021, the system expansion in Jersey City will include an additional 15 new stations and 200 bikes, for a total program buildout of 95 stations and 1,000 bikes. Lyft will work with the City of Hoboken to add more stations in 2021 as well, pending available funding.

“We’re happy the City of Hoboken recognizes the value of bike share and is committed to providing this service to residents,” said Chris Adair, President of Bike Hoboken. “We welcome Citi Bike to Hoboken and look forward to a bike share system that integrates seamlessly with our neighbors in Jersey City and Manhattan.”

“Bike JC knows that many people who use bike share daily will be happy to be able to use a bike share system that is cross-compatible with our next door neighbors in Hoboken,” said Patrick Conlon, President of Bike JC. “At the same time, we hope to see a larger investment from Lyft to expand not only north into Hoboken, but south and re-establish bike share into the sections of Jersey City.”

Forty percent of the bike share fleet will consist of pedal-assist electric bikes. The pedal-assist e-bikes, which are currently deployed in New York City, do not have a throttle, so riders will be required to pedal just like a conventional bike in order to for the electric assist to activate. The pedal-assist bikes will help riders travel further distances between the two cities to access employment opportunities, patronize local businesses, visit friends and family, and more. The pedal-assist bikes will be required to be parked at Citi Bike docking stations.

“A bike share program that links with New York City and Jersey City has been the top request from Hoboken bike enthusiasts. This will make a lot of our residents happy,” said Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, Chair of Hoboken’s Transportation and Parking Subcommittee.

The Citi Bike agreement also includes better revenue share for both cities with five percent of annual ridership revenue above $2 million to be evenly distributed. The new Hoboken-Jersey City bike share program contract will be subject to adoption from both City Councils.

JerseyBike to leave Hoboken

Hoboken contractor JerseyBike sent an email to users on Wednesday, reading in part:

As of October 9, JerseyBike will no longer maintain operations in Hudson County. The managing partner of the program, P3 Global Management, has announced the termination of the program.

JerseyBike originally launched in Hoboken in October 2015 as Hudson Bike Share with 250 bicycles. JerseyBike expanded to include multiple Hudson County municipalities including Bayonne, Weehawken, West New York, Guttenberg, and North Bergen, as well as Port Imperial and a two-year pilot with at Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

Over the course of 5 years, JerseyBike has provided over 775,000 rides to over 74,000 registered members.

Since the release of Hoboken and Jersey City’s joint Request for Proposals, JerseyBike has had to consider the financial viability and operational challenges of continuing bike share operations in Hudson County.P3 Global Management has made the difficult decision to terminate the program and make way for a bike share operator that is ready and able to assume this important public service.

“Since launching in Hudson County in 2015, we have seen the rise of various transportation options that are now available as alternatives to private automobile ownership,” said Director of Operations Matt Finelli. “We are proud to have provided one of those options, and the number of trips that our customers have completed since 2015 is encouraging for the future of mobility in Hudson County and beyond. With that said, we have had to examine and accept the fact that the resources that are required to own and operate a successful shared micromobility system make it impossible to continue the program at this time. We are thankful for the help of community leaders across Hudson County and to everyone that has ridden with us since 2015 and wish the best of luck to the next bike share provider in Hudson County.”

JerseyBike infrastructure will be removed in phases and the precise dates will be announced as soon as arrangements have been finalized with municipal officials throughout the service area.Current pass holders will be able to use their pass up until October 9, 2020.

All pass holders will be reimbursed for any unused percentage of their pass. Any users with further questions or concerns should contact [email protected]

“Since launching in 2015, JerseyBike has given thousands of residents and visitors an alternative to driving in Hoboken,” said Mayor of Hoboken Ravi

Bhalla. “On behalf of these users, I’d like to thank JerseyBike for providing this critical transportation service to our city.”

JerseyBike wants to thank Hudson County officials, past and present sponsors, and, most importantly, its riders for their continued support of the program.

The first press release was produced by the city of Jersey City. The views expressed are the author’s own. The JerseyBike information was from an email from JerseyBike.