Citi Bike may be coming to Hoboken, offering riders a much-desired contiguous system between Jersey City, Hoboken and Manhattan.

Lyft, which owns the popular bike sharing system in New York and Jersey City, has presented both Hoboken and Jersey City with a contract to operate and maintain Citi Bike throughout both cities for the next five years.

The two neighboring cities decided to jointly pursue a new contract earlier this summer after previously signing separate agreements with different bike-share companies several years ago. It created a headache for riders who wanted to bike between the two cities but had nowhere to dock.

Jersey City currently has Citi Bike and Hoboken has JerseyBike, which also operates in Weehawken, North Bergen, West New York and Bayonne.

Citi Bike expanding into Hoboken would create new opportunities for both Hoboken and Jersey City residents who want an easy way to travel between the two cities, said Bike Hoboken President Chris Adair.

“I think there are people that live in Hoboken that work in Manhattan and they will now have an option to have the same bike-share system on either side and also have that ability to ride the bike-share into Jersey City, which I think will make a big difference,” Adair said.

Lyft’s contract that is under review would run for five years. Of the profit the company earns here annually beyond the $2 million mark, 5{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446} would be contributed directly to the cities, according to a resolution before the Jersey City City Council.

The cities will not have to pay for the program.

“We are excited to be selected for the Jersey City-Hoboken contract, and to finalize the details with the Cities over the coming weeks,” a Lyft spokesperson said. “Over the past five years, we have provided an affordable, reliable service in Jersey City that gives residents access to an expansive regional network in New York City. We look forward to finalizing discussions on expanding that regional network to Hoboken.”

Bicycling has grown more popular during the coronavirus pandemic as people have looked for ways to avoid public transportation, Adair said.

“Mayor (Ravi) Bhalla recognizes that a well utilized bike-share service is even more important now than ever before especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and looks forward to having a robust bike-share service in place for the next several years,” said Hoboken spokesman Vijay Chaudhuri.

In 2018, Lyft acquired one of the country’s most prominent bike-share companies, Motivate, which operates Citi Bike.

The popular ride-sharing company has different names for its bike-shares, depending on the metro area. While the New York and Jersey City program is branded as Citi Bike, Washington D.C. has Capital Bikeshare and Chicago has Divvy.

Electric scooters, which Hoboken is considering bringing back following a popular pilot program, would be determined under a separate contract, according to the request for proposals.