After recently unveiling an electric powered version of a modern Kombi, the names e-Beetle, e-Golf, e-Kubel and, e-Karmann have been registered for trademark by Volkswagen.

Iconic classic Volkswagen models appear set to become available with the option of converted electric powertrains, if new trademarks filed in Europe are a guide.

The classic model names Beetle, Golf, Kubel and, Karmann were all filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office in late June, this time with the prefix “e-”.

It is possible some of these names are being reserved for modern interpretations of the classic cars, rather than electrified original examples.

Earlier this year Volkswagen fitted its iconic Kombi bus with and electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack from a Volkswagen e-Up! under the project name e-Bulli.

To cope with the added power, and unique strains of an electric engine, Volkswagen reportedly had to completely re-engineer the vehicle’s chassis.

The project was done in conjunction with European conversion specialists eClassics.

Volkswagen Germany has announced it will begin selling the battery-powered Kombi in Europe, with pricing set to begin at €64,000 ($AU120,000).

Volkswagen is reportedly considering selling eClassics conversion kits internationally through its dealer network and, if true, there is a chance these cars could become available in Australia.

Using modern electric motors to power classic cars is not a new concept. Melbourne-based startup Jaunt is currently converting original Land Rovers into zero-emission off roaders.