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These E-Types will only be available for purchase as matched pairs.

One of the most celebrated classic cars of all time is the legendary Jaguar E-Type, which was introduced in March 1961. With the E-Type’s 60th anniversary rapidly approaching, Jaguar Classic is paying tribute to this car in the coolest way possible: 12 restored examples being sold off in matched pairs.

The Jaguar E-Type 60 Collection consists of six matched pairs of fully restored E-Types that recreate two of the first examples of this car that were ever exhibited to the public. The two cars are designed as a tribute to E-Types with the registration numbers “9600 HP” and “77 RW” that were driven from Coventry, England to Geneva, Switzerland for the 1961 Geneva Motor Show. In addition to being display vehicles in Geneva, both of these early E-Types were also made available for media road tests.

Registration no. 9600 HP was a fixed-head coupe painted in Opalescent Gunmetal Grey, while registration no. 77 RW was an E-Type roadster painted in the unmistakable British Racing Green. The coupe was actually the first car to make it to Geneva in 1961 being driven “flat out” to make it to the auto show in time, and it is being commemorated with a hardtop painted in a similar but distinct color called Flat Out Grey. After the positive reception of the coupe, a Jaguar engineer was told to “drop everything” to drive 77 RW to Geneva, and this roadster’s tribute is painted in Drop Everything Green. Like the original cars, the E-Type 60 Collection will be powered by 3.8-liter inline-six engines, which will be restored back to period-correct specs.

“The Jaguar E-type is a genuine icon, as sensational today as the moment it was unveiled in 1961. It’s testament to the E-type’s advanced design and engineering that it can still be enjoyed and admired as passionately almost 60 years on. The E-type 60 Collection is a lasting tribute for E-type admirers, honoring the car’s legacy and the achievements of the team that created it – many of whom have descendants working for Jaguar Classic today, expertly restoring, maintaining and future-proofing enjoyment for generations to come,” said Dan Pink, director of Jaguar Classic.

These cars are available for customers to order now through Jaguar Classic, and while there’s no word on pricing, we can’t imagine that buying a pair of fully restored tribute E-Types will be a cheap endeavor.

Source: Jaguar Classic

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