He lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise and no longer needs diabetes medicine

POWELL, Tenn. — A little boost from technology helped a man who lives in Powell jump start his weight-loss journey.

Jon Treffert lost 100 pounds and now he’s sharing his story to inspire others. 

“One day I woke up and I topped 270 pounds and that was a threshold that was, that was my epiphany moment just crossing that number looking at that number square in the face and realizing I had to do something,” he said. 

So in November of 2017, Jon Treffert started exercising. 

“I recalled how much I enjoy cycling is a young man.” 

At that point, riding a regular bike seemed beyond his capability so he bought an electric bicycle, also called  an e-bike. 

“I found it by Googling. I went and said, I’d like a bike for overweight old men with bad backs,” he said. 

You ride it like a normal bike most of the time but it helps on hills or when you are exhausted.

“It really made it very sustainable, let me get out in the road and get exercise and slowly work up to speed, and get my stamina back,” he said. 

He’s made videos for his YouTube channel to chronicle his journey.

Here are the numbers:  Jon dropped 100 pounds in 14 months to reach his goal weight of 165.  And he’s kept it there. 

He says riding his e-bike through East Tennessee made exercise fun. 

“That’s part of what raises your mood is going through and smelling that fresh air and the stream waters and mountain vistas. It’s absolutely gorgeous. You can’t help it feel good when you’re done riding,” he said. 

But exercise isn’t enough.

“It’s really the diet that drives the weight loss, but the exercise keeps your mood and your activity high, so they work together very well,” he said. 

A low carb, high fat diet works for him. His various health numbers, like cholesterol, have improved and he no longer needs medicine for diabetes. 

“I think the good Lord just introduced me step by step to different toolboxes tools in the toolbox,” he said. 

He’s promoting a bicycle event that riders can do from anywhere in September.

“The Great Cycle Challenge is a fundraising event for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. I discovered it as part of my health journey.”

It’s a journey he hopes others will take. 

“And anybody can do it. I believe anybody can do it. Find a sustainable diet, and an exercise to keep you motivated and you’d be surprised what you can accomplish. I was,” he said. 

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