Amazon Enters Wearable Tech Space With Halo Wristband


Luka Vasic

Amazon has debuted its first wearable fitness monitoring device, a wristband called Amazon Halo. The new sensor-embedded wristband can track a user’s skin temperature, heart rate, fitness activity, mental stress level and quality of sleep.

Halo will also assign points based on a user’s weekly activity level (for example, users are rewarded points for time spent walking, but more points for time spent running). Points will also be deducted for hours spent being sedentary. 

Additionally, the device’s built-in AI and two microphones will analyze a user’s tone of voice and assess their emotional well-being when interacting with other people. Amazon’s smart band also includes computer vision tech for measuring a user’s body fat percentage.

The subscription-based Amazon Halo mobile app allows users to view their health data. Amazon Halo and its accompanying app is currently only available for pre-order to U.S.-based consumers for a $64.99 six-month membership fee. A six-month Halo membership will normally be priced at $99.99, then renews at $3.99 per month after six months.