If you like fast cars, we have a feeling you’ll like this video that was filmed at the recent Automaxx 2020 event in the Netherlands.

The 10-minute clip was uploaded by Dutch Motorsport and shows a wide array of modified cars going head-to-head in a series of drag races down the main straight at TT Circuit Assen. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of American muscle or powerful JDM cars, you’ll absolutely find something that tickles your fancy in the video.

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The stretch of tarmac used by the organizers of the event was a little damp during the drag races, impacting the ability of many cars to get off the line without heaps of wheel spin. It’s therefore little surprise that all-wheel drive cars generally proved to be the most capable at dealing with the slippery conditions.

One of the cars that competed in a handful of the drag races captured on film was a modified blue Nissan GT-R. Unsurprisingly, it was able to rocket off the line with very little fuss, leaving pretty much everything else in its wake.

However, there were some other serious performers in the event. For example, both a black Tesla Model X and a black Tesla Model 3 proved to be hard to beat off the line. An Audi TT RS with a host of Audi Sport Performance parts was also kinda of a head-turner.