Recently I have noticed that many motorcycle importers have been totally changing their strategy in how and what they are marketing. Before there used to be much less contact between consumers in different countries. It was as if each country or region’s market acted totally independent of others. But with the growth of social media use around the world and also with the rise in international trade, like with many other businesses there is a changing trend in the motorcycle importing business as well. In the past you could figure out what motorcycle is popular in your country and sells well or you could spend time and money to create a market for a particular motorcycle and popularize it and from there on you could sell that motorcycle for years if not decades without people becoming interested in something else. But now that people are interconnected, competition is generally much higher. Not only do motorcycle manufacturers have to keep up with their competition, but motorcycle importers also have to keep a close eye on the changing trends around the world.

Threats that traditional motorcycle importers face if they don’t adapt

In the past decade electric motorcycles have become extremely popular and widely used in East and Southeast Asian countries. But people in other regions had hardly even heard about such a thing. But with the growth of connectivity and social media use, electric motorcycles are becoming very popular in other countries as well. Manufacturers of electric motorcycles have also been very smart and successful in the way they are targeting their customers. And it hasn’t been merely based on luck! They have had very proactive and aggressive marketing strategies to expand their popularity among potential customers in other countries and you can clearly see that these strategies are working. Now the important question for many traditional motorcycle importers that have gotten lazy and slow in adapting to new trends is whether they will be able to adapt to the new market demands or will they continue importing the motorcycles they have been importing for decades.

Why electric motorcycles have become so popular

Some of the reasons why electric motorcycles have become very popular is that they are very easy to ride. In many countries you don’t need a license to ride them. They are usually not very expensive. Young people like them because they are eco-friendly. And they come in all kinds of colors and designs.