a close up of a toy car in a parking lot: WATCH: MrBeast Celebrates 40 Million Subscribers on YouTube by Giving Away 40 Cars to a Fan

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WATCH: MrBeast Celebrates 40 Million Subscribers on YouTube by Giving Away 40 Cars to a Fan

Jimmy Donaldson aka popular YouTuber MrBeast loves to spend a li’l buck here and there. And when it comes giving back to his subscribers, there’s no stopping him. We mean it.

Touted as video-sharing platform’s philanthropist, MrBeast made news when gave away 1 million subscribers to a fan in a “MrBeast Challenge”. The list of the YouTuber’s over-the-top antics is, however, endless.

Be it buying all cars in a dealership, tipping waiters thousands of dollars, adopting all dogs at a shelter, opening a free bank for strangers, buying billboards to support PewDiePie in sub war against T-Series, or planting 20 million trees, the popular YouTube personality has done it all.

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Things only got bizarre recently when MrBeast bought an island worth Rs 5 Crore and decided to give it away to a friend in a fun island challenge.

Wait, there’s more.

Keeping up with the tradition of gifting his subscribers as he touched a new landmark every time on YouTube, MrBeast has now given away 40 cars to this 40 millionth sub.

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What would one do with 40 cars?

That was exactly the new challenge when MrBeast along with his crew ferried 40 cars to his very special subscriber Luke’s doorstep and started the timer.

Luke then had to give away those 40 cars including a Porche, custom Spongebob Jeep, sedans and trucks under 24 hours. Following the generous footsteps of MrBeast, Luke gifted one car after another to his family members, grandparents, friends, a drive-through employee, and even a random man at a Walmart parking lot.

The subscriber completed the task with 5 hours left and was gifted a very special car in return.

Previously, when MrBeast hit 3 million subs, he gave away 3 million pennies to a subscriber. At 4 million subs, an equal number of cookies were gifted. When he crossed 5 million mark, the sub received 5 million pieces of popcorn. The 7 million subscriber was put in a “mission impossible maza” and he was awarded 7 million sheets of toilet paper with 7K USD cash amount.