There are many uncertainties for parents as kids prepare to go back to school and activities this fall. 

A big concern surrounds the topic of transportation and how kids will get to where they need to be safely, and a car service for kids is looking to be the answer to that question. 

Myeesha Griffin, known as Mrs. G,  launched The Mini Trip last year to get kids around the city for busy parents. 

“I created The Mini Trip out of my personal need as a working parent seeking transportation for my son,” said Griffin. 

The woman-owned and operated car service offer pre-arranged rides to pick up and drop off kids at school or wherever they need to go. 

“Parent-to-parent exchange, extracurricular activities, play dates, birthday parties,” said Griffin. 

The car service launched with Mrs. G as the only driver last year. As the service resumes this school year with more parents seeking safe transportation alternatives due to COVID-19, she is adding more background-checked drivers for trips in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. 

“Most parents don’t want to have to put their children on public transportation and also don’t feel comfortable using the school bus,” said Griffin. 

Before kids get in the car, they’ll be given a temperature check and a welcome bag with a mask and hand sanitizer. 

Rides can be one-off or weekly, and kids will stay with the same driver during the week to limit exposure. 

Rates vary based on ride distances.

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