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WTAP News @ 11 – Parkersburg City Council discusses motorized bicycles

Tuesday night, the Parkersburg City Council passed an ordinance that would ban the use of motorized bicycles in the city of Parkersburg, by a narrow vote of 6-4.

For the past several years, City Council has had numerous discussions on motorized bicycles and their impact on the community.

Some council members say they have been approached by citizens who complain that the bikes go too fast, are too loud, and are a danger to others.

When the issue of motorized bicycles has been on City Council’s agenda, owners of the bikes have come to meetings to make their feelings known.

These public comments often note that the bikes are necessary for transportation to and from work, the store, and medical appointments, for those who are unable to afford a car or obtain a drivers license.

Last meeting, council passed an ordinance that would allow police to impound the bikes if they pulled over a rider who was not obeying the rules of the road and did not have a drivers license.

This measure was put into place so that there would be a punishment for those who did not follow the rules, because in the past, the city had issues with getting riders to appear for their court dates or pay their fines, and many did not have a license for the court to suspend.

Several council members asked their peers to consider letting the impound rule take effect before passing the ban, but ultimately six council members decided that a ban was necessary.

The ordinance will now go to Mayor Tom Joyce’s desk, where he will have the option to veto or sign off on the decision.

If Joyce does not veto, the ordinance will go into effect within a week.

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