And now for something completely different: This past weekend, Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association (KASA) hit Big White for some Adaptive DH laps. This was the second stop on the Kootenay Adaptive Gravity Tour, as a dry run for a larger DH tour that will happen in 2021, COVID permitting. The big goal of this tour is to get the bike resorts up to speed for Adaptive riding and show the world that Adaptive MTB is here in a big way. AMTB is progressing fast, both in skill and technology, and the riders can hit black trails, rock gardens, drops, gap jumps, most of the same features a 2-wheeled rider can ride.

The idea is to get to a point where an Adaptive rider can hit a gravity resort and have the same experience as anyone else. There’s a long way to go, but the resorts are working to make it happen.

Tanelle Bolt is an Adaptive rider with a long history in sports, speaking about her first DH aMTB experience:

bigquotes This weekend was the first time back going fast downhill in the summertime with an adaptive three-wheeled mountain bike and completely paralyzed from the chest down. My first run at Bike Big White was perfect; fast and face-first down the mountain with a crew of trustworthy buddies, there to flip me right side up when sh*t went upside down. My second run ended in a truck ride after breaking my first mountain bike (not my body, so successful I would say).

Then there were the big boy toys! And three more adaptive riders whose skills put many able-bodied riders to shame and definitely my amateur self. You know what I’m talking about…those friends who leave you in awe.

The four of us were brought together to shred by Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association (KASA) at Big White Resort in preparation for next summer’s Gravity Series 2021.