If you’re not into art, the name Daniel Arsham might not mean all that much. It might ring at least one bell, though, as the New Yorker is somewhat tied to the auto industry through his love for Porsche cars. It was this love that recently gave us the damaged Porsche 911 art cars, and now this thing here, which he likes to call the Porsche 930A.

Based on a 1986 911 Turbo (that would be the 930), the creation wants to be both a work of art and a custom build of a decades-old sports car. We, of course, are more interested in the custom bits and pieces.

What you see in the gallery above is the result of two years of work. Arsham was not alone in the build, having asked help from others to do their magic on the technical aspects and the interior.

The car drives, and presumably it still packs the same engine it rolled off the lines with in the 1980s – that would be a 3.0-liter flat-six.

The body is stock too, with no unnecessary add-ons, other than, of course, the artwork sprayed all around. Supposedly created to be part of a futuristic racing team, the car sports an exterior livery that also takes inspiration from other legends of Porsche’s past, like the 1980 Porsche 935 K3 of Dick Barbour fame, and blends that with throwbacks at various important people and events in Arsham’s own life.

The interior is special too, perhaps even more so than the exterior. We’ve seen these past few weeks, as part of our Porsche Month coverage, quite a number of custom interiors, but this one really is special. Blending soft colors, it uses a mix of stonewashed canvas and navy and grey leather on the seats, dash and doors.

The dashboard is unique as well, having been gifted with reworked instruments meant to be a nod to the speedometer of Japanese-imported Turbos of the 1980s.

We are not being told what the envisioned fate for this 911 is, but given how the damaged Porsches we mentioned before are currently on tour around the world, we wouldn’t be surprised for this one to follow the same path.